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Craig D. Forrest - Windsock Films. Newport Beach, CA, US

Craig D. Forrest

Owner-Producer | Windsock Films

Newport Beach, CA, UNITED STATES

TV & Film Director/Speaker/Author at



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• Award winning television & documentary director/speaker/author.
• Focused on cutting edge of new media - digital, web, mobile, HD.
• Speaker @ dozens of 2-3 day seminars across Europe / Latin America / Asia / Africa. Biola Media Conference (2x). COICOM (4x), EXPOLIT (2x).
• Adjunct professor @ Concordia University, Regent University, Pepperdine University & Continental Seminary.
• Guest lecturer re: tv/film trends + production @ Biola, Fuller Seminary, Concordia, Lee, Vanguard & Bethany Universities.

Industry Expertise (9)

Fine Art

Media Production


Writing and Editing

Social Media


Audio Visual

Motion Pictures and Film

Media - Broadcast

Areas of Expertise (7)

Tv Production


Production Management

Media & Culture

Visual Storytelling

Digital Media

Short Films

Accomplishments (3)

Film/Tv/Documentary Author (professional)

• Commando Tactics for Digital Filmmakers (Windsock Press) • Tácticas de Comando para Filmación Digital (Windsock Press) • The Influence of Alexander Mackendrick on the Kailyard Film Sub-genre: How Whisky Galore! & The Maggie Forever Changed Scottish Cinematic Representations (VDM Publications)

International Cross-Cultural Perspective (professional)

• Denver, Dakar or Diyarbakir - considerable project management experience with foreign programming & shoots coordinated on-site in 96 countries, with total travel to 144 nations, 6 continents + 14x around-the-world! • Recent production logistics coordination for Primetime EMMY winning tv series, The Amazing Race (CBS).

Awards (professional)

• Short films, Documentaries, Videos, Commercials & TV Shows have won or been nominated for 29 film festival or video awards including a Cine Golden Eagle. • Production team member for the Emmy-winning series The Amazing Race (Season 14).

Education (3)

Kingdom Seminary: Doctor of Fine Arts, Redemptive Filmmaking 2013

Dissertation: "An Exploration of Cross-Cultural & Political Challenges Affecting International Faith-Based Documentary Trends & Techniques."

Chapman University: M.A., Film Studies 2008

Masters Thesis: "The influence of Alexander Mackendrick on the Kailyard film sub-genre."

Bethany University: B.Sc., Biblical & Theological Studies 1977

Affiliations (5)

  • Comunicadores USA
  • Global News Alliance
  • Travelers' Century Club
  • Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
  • Association of International Press Phortographers

Testimonials (4)

Stan Jeter, Senior Producer, Mundo Cristiana, San Jose, Costa Rica | COICOM

“I’ve invited Craig as TV production instructor for recent international conferences in Colombia, Argentina and the Dominican Republic. He approached his subjects with great warmth and enthusiasm, and brought to the sessions an amazing breadth of practical knowledge, the result of his long and varied career of international production. Craig has ‘been there, done that’ more than just about anybody I've ever worked with. And I've seen him at work - we took a production trip together to the Far East some years ago, and Craig not only made sure we met our professional objectives, but his jovial attitude also kept our team's spirits up all along the way. From my experience I can strongly recommend Craig as an instructor/trainer.”

Reinhold Harms, Senior Producer, KMP-TV, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina | KMP-TV

"I met Craig at the Media Seminar in Sarajevo and was amazed at his experiences and knowledge. He gave me an understanding of what is really important to make a good film. Two days went really by fast. (It was) a big step for the media world in Bosnia and Hercegovina, with inspiring teachings, a lot of inside (tips) and a connection to the media world. Never expecting that I could have the privilege to get taught by a professional like Craig. I highly hope we can do it again.”

Dr. Craig Detweiler, Chair, Film & TV Dept, Biola University | Biola Media Conference

“Thanks so much for speaking at the Biola Media Conference. It looked like you had a great crowd with lots of energy and interest. The comments on your session were stellar, from ‘very practical advice’ and ‘humble, gracious and caring’ to ‘he opened my eyes to a whole different world of film.’ Well done!”

Paul Bresenden, Creative Director, 454 Media | Ignite Media Conference

“Craig was one of the key organizers of the Ignite Media Conference and lent his incredible breadth of expertise in producing and directing. Craig brings a new level of professionalism and excellence to the organizations he is a part of. In high-pressure, high-stakes situations it was reassuring to know that we could depend on Craig and he would deliver quality results every time.”

Event Appearances (2)

Living in a Digital World

Expolit '12 – La Escuela de Medios Masivos  Miami, FL, USA


Workshop Presenter

La Borne Media Seminars  Kinshasa, the Congo, Central Africa


Sample Talks (2)

Understanding the 7 Spheres of Influence

In our world today, there are 7 Spheres of Influence that affect society & culture, that drive the international & national narratives, news, education and current events. With this keynote presentation, Dr. Craig D. Forrest reveals how your group must recognize these 7 Spheres, then harness at least 1 or 2 of them to truly maximum your organization's influence.

7 Camera Tactics

How can you achieve your best shots? What are the secrets of light & sound? What are the simple tools to improve your clips, videos & short film quality immediately? This practical presentation offers 7 key insights to documentary, video, film or tv production that can transform novice to pro.



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