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I put the "fun" in funding your dreams and endless possibilities.



Dr. Crystal D. Gifford, CFP® is known as The Wealth Doctor for her extensive expertise and spot on remedies for healthy financial living and worry-free wealth. Helping clients to maximize the impact of their success through financial development and efficient resource planning for over 15 years, Dr. Gifford brings the difficult and often taboo topic of finances to clients in an understandable, applicable manner. Her clients have said that she has a unique ability to help them see their own strengths, which gives them the courage to create grand visions for their lives. Together with Crystal, theycraft a plan to manifest those dreams into reality. Her indisputable talents to authentically see the silver lining in clients’ circumstances has brought clients to study with Dr. Gifford from all over the world. It has often been said Dr. Gifford has an “optimism that brightens even the darkest of rooms.” Her philosophy is that money management should be fun and uplifting, and her approach supports this philosophy.For those of you seeking to boost cash flow and create a guilt-free, sustainable life of luxury in a comfortable, safe space, Dr. Gifford has the tools you need to harness the power of your prosperity.

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Empowered Wealth Workshops: Smart Money Tips for the Entrepreneur

Awesome Women In Business Financial Success Workshop Series  Columbus, OH


Empowered Wealth Workshops: Investing For Your Life

Awesome Women In Business Financial Success Workshop Series:   Columbus, OH

Empowered Wealth Workshops: Creating Cash to Support Your Vision

Awesome Women in Business Financial Success Workshops  Columbus, OH


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Top Strategies to Align Your Money With Your Purpose

This talk helps entrepreneurs and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to align the income as well as investments with their purpose and goals so they can accomplish all they could ever desire, use their money more effectively, and live a more fulfilled life. Never again will they fret over what they did not accomplish with their resources. Instead, my audience connects with what they want and how to make their desires possible and have more fun with life.



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5000 to 15000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee