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Cyriel Kortleven - Antwerp Area, Belgium, , BE

Cyriel Kortleven

International speaker and Master of Interaction |

Antwerp Area, Belgium, BELGIUM

International speaker 'Creativity and Innovation' and Master of Interaction



Cyriel is a much sought-after speaker at conferences, events and internal meetings. Through his playful and enthusiastic attitude to life, he creates an open and informal atmosphere - ideal for bigger events and conferences.

Cyriel in 21 words: International speaker, Master of Interaction, brainstormsessions, large groups, inspirator, creativity, improvisation, timespiration, Knight of NOW, author, human, in eternal development, present

His main subject is creativity and innovation. In a very practical and enthusiastic way, he enables the participants to experience the power of creative thinking and doing. His presentations are highly interactive (even when working with big groups) and are always tailored to his audience by using innovative examples from their field. The combination of speaker and creative master of ceremony is also a role Cyriel relishes.

Cyriel is already working more then 12 years in the domain of creativity and innovation. Apart from Belgium and the Netherlands, Cyriel has given various presentations in the bigger cities all over the world (in 2012, Cyriel has worked 111 days abroad in 13 different countries (in Europe, Asia, US and Australia).

Cyriel is also author of two books:

+ En ... Actie! (dutch book but english version is coming) - about the link between creativity and improvisation theatre.

+ Timespiration (inspiration book where the topic creativity is linked to the topic time - how can you look from a different perspective to the topic time)

Cyriel Kortleven is one of the experts @21Lobsterstreet.

Specialties: Keynote presentations on 'Creativity and Innovation'

Master of Interaction @ conferences and events

Facilitating brainstormsessions

Facilitating creativity sessions (brainstorms)

Industry Expertise (3)

Market Research

Professional Training and Coaching

Training and Development

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Less is Beautiful

Education (4)

VIZO: Master in SME 1999

Additional study - Master in Small and Mediumsized Enterprises (very practical study)

COCD - Centre for Developping Creative Thinking: Expert in creative thinking 2011

Universiteit Hasselt: Master's degree, Business Engineer 1999

Process Coaching - Matrix: Process coaching 2003

Affiliations (2)

  • Applied Improv Network
  • Professional Speakers Association

Testimonials (3)

David Sand, CEO Uwin Iwin and President SITE Global | SITE Antwerp (Emea forum)

“Cyriel was a breath of fresh air in an audience of hard to please delegates. His passion is evident in a really true European way, the content is deep and is from wide reading and personal experience. Cyriel is a professional speaker who lives his topics rather than just talking about them.”

Peter Coesmans, organizer International Project Management Conference | IPMA

“Cyriel has jump-started our project management conference with a very creative, entertaining yet also very to-the-point presentation. He received an 8 (which is VERY high for this audience!!) He really provided a brilliant atmosphere for our very successful IPMA-NL 2011 Conference. Thanks Cyriel, we'll meet again soon!!!”

Ben Flavel, Innovation consultant NeoCogs | Australian Market and Social Research Society - AMSRS (500 participants)

“Cyriel delivered one of the best conference talks I've ever seen at AMSRS conference 2012 (and I see a lot, I cover these events for Anthill Magazine). Captivating and enlightening, he made every one of the 400 strong audience enthusiastic and energetic.”

Event Appearances (3)

Break, burn or ban the Box

iForum - 500 participants  Cairo (Egypt)


Give yourself a creative boost

Institute for Sport and Recreation - ISB - 600 participants  Antwerp


Break, burn or ban the box

Society for Incentive Travel Executives  Antwerp (Belgium)


Sample Talks (1)

Break, burn or ban the Box

A presentation about business creativity and the importance of breaking fixed thinking patterns. During this interactive and energetic lecture, the audience will experience the power of creativity and get practical tools to apply it in their daily lives (with a lot of stories, examples, movies and exercises). You will discover what’s inside the box (the Curse of Knowledge), learn six creative skills to survive the ideakillers and give yourself a creative boost.



  • Keynote
  • Host/MC


5000 to 10000