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Dan Seidman - GOT INFLUENCE?. Barrington, IL, US

Dan Seidman Dan Seidman



2013 International Sales Training Leader!







INTERNATIONAL SALES TRAINING LEADER OF THE YEAR 2013 (Stevie Awards) for his work designing and re-designing existing sales training in order to significantly increase sales team performance.

DAN SEIDMAN of GOT INFLUENCE? has been recognized as The Trainer to the World’s Sale Trainers (Willis Turner, CEO of Sales & Marketing Executives International). Dan is a globally-recognized speaker, consultant & sales trainer who teaches potent influence strategies for leaders, managers and sales pros.

Dan’s body of work can be found in THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SALES TRAINING (Pfeiffer, 2012), a 600 page encyclopedia of best-practices and the latest influence strategies for sales training. Dan is also designing the global sales training consulting for the world’s leading training organization (with 74,000 members).

He is the author of #1 business best-seller, SALES AUTOPSY (Kaplan, 2006). Discover the top seven traits that distinguish world class sales professionals from the rest of the selling world.

Dan is a WORLD MASTER’S ATHLETE with three gold medals playing on the U.S. basketball team.

In addition, THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF INFLUENCE® (AMACOM) is now available. This timely book on psychologically-sound selling strategies is currently available as a keynote and training program.

Dan’s most popular training programs, customized for your organization include;

• The Ultimate Objection-Handling Tool
• One Great Opening is Worth 10,000 Closes
• The One Sales Test You’re Guaranteed to Fail
• Pain vs. Gain – How to Identify which Prospect is Motivated by which Approach (finally, we know!)
• And, much, much, much more (hey, that Ultimate Guide to Sales Training book is 600 pages of best-practices)

His business humor columns reach over 1.5 million readers a month, both online at and in print at Agent Sales Journal, Independent Agent, Insurance NewsNet, Advantages Magazine and more.

Dan Seidman lives in Barrington, IL with his Princess Bride, Wendy, son Josh and the twins Abbie & Bekah.

For a unique and useful keynote on influence at your corporate event, contact Dan at 1-847-359-7860 or And ask him about doing a Confession Session during your event (hilarious experience!).

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Secret Language of Influence

Ultimate Guide to Sales Training

Ultimate Objection-Handling Tool

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POTENT sales training programs... (professional)

See Topics & Talks tab above for some incredibly unique training that will change behavior and improve your sales team's performance!

POTENT sales training programs... (professional)

See Topics & Talks tab above for some incredibly unique training that will change behavior and improve your sales team's performance!

The Secret Language of Influence (professional)

GOT INFLUENCE? How well do your words and phrases motivate others? Language training is the most neglected area of any management, leadership or sales program. Recent research from cognitive psychology can help us increase the potency of our conversations. Useful for leading, managing, motivating and most critically, selling your ideas. This fun, interactive program will leave you wiser in your role as an executive, manager, salesperson and (most importantly) within your personal relationships.

3 Gold Medals - USA Basketball, World Masters Competition (personal)

World Masters Games are the Olympic sports for athletes 35 years and older.

#1 Best-selling Author, Sales Autopsy! (professional)

Sales Autopsy! reveals the top seven strategies of world-class sales pros.

Creator: Ultimate Guide to Sales Training (600+ pages!) (professional)

2012 release date, Pfeiffer/Wiley Publishing. This encyclopedia of best-practices in sales training will be co-marketed globally through (largest training organization on the planet with 74,000 members).

2013 International Sales Training Leader of the Year (professional)


The global Stevie Awards has recognized Dan Seidman for his work designing and re-designing existing sales training in order to significantly improve sales team performance. In particular, he's working in parts of the world where selling is not a respected profession or career path. He's bringing high quality training to companies and entrepreneurs in places like Vietnam, India, China and Turkey.

Education (2)

Trinity International University: BA, Psychology

Northwestern University - Masters in Science of Communication candidate

Trinity International University: BA, Psychology

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  • ASTD, Sales & Marketing Executives International, USA Basketball - World Masters Games

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The Secret Language of Influence

Million Dollar Roundtable  Vancouver, BC

Sales Training: What's Missing?

ASTD International Conference and Exposition  ASTD Global Training Conference


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The One Sales Test You are Guaranteed to Fail!

World class sales professionals can answer and act on these three questions. Can you give the best answer possible? 1. Who are you REALLY competing with? (no it’s not yourself, good guess, though) 2. What is the No. 1 PROBLEM encountered by anyone who sells anything? (solve this one and you attain selling nirvana) 3. What is your RESPONSIBILITY on a sales call? (Hint: Whether it’s face-to-face or on phone calls, the answer has to be correct 100 percent of the time.)



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7500 to 15000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee