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Danea Horn - A Positive Statement LLC. Sacramento, CA, US

Danea Horn

Owner, Coach, Speaker & Author | A Positive Statement LLC


Redefining Positive: Rewriting the Rules of Coping with Life-Altering Illness



Danea Horn started life destined to ask big questions. After being diagnosed with a rare birth disorder, enduring numerous reconstructive surgeries, and managing chronic disease for all of her life, Danea has had to continually redefine what “being positive” means. In her view, it has very little to do with “just looking on the bright side of life.” It is much more about being present with truth and letting our experiences become catalysts for growth.

Danea is the creator of the popular website She has also written articles for or been featured in Goodness Magazine, RenaLife magazine,,, Monty’, and Her client list includes The Tiffany & Co. Unit of Mary Kay, the Portland Trail Blazers, and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. She is the author of the upcoming book "The Positivity Prescription: Rewriting the Rules for Coping with Life-Altering Illness." As a certified life coach and professional speaker, Danea works with people to find their own definition of positivity, and helps them to move toward a fulfilling and productive life despite challenges.

Presentation Topics Include:

For Corporate Audiences:
Redefining Balance -- Reducing Stress and Increasing Productivity in the Lives of Busy Professionals

Positively Healthy -- Optimizing Life When Dealing with Challenging Health

For Health Care Providers:
Motivating Patients Toward Health -- The Patient Perspective on Positive Strategies That
Promote Care Plan Adherence

For Audiences Coping with Illness:
The Positivity Prescription -- Taking Ownership of Your Life and Your Health After Diagnosis

Keynote Presentation:
Chronically Positive -- Redefining Positive Amongst Life’s Challenges

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