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Daneal Charney, CHRL - MaRSDD - Largest Urban Innovation Hub. Toronto, Canada Area, ON, CA

Daneal Charney, CHRL

Executive in Residence for high-growth tech companies | MaRSDD - Largest Urban Innovation Hub

Toronto, Canada Area, ON, CANADA

Award-Winning Human Resources Leader| Growth Coach for Start-ups| Keynote Speaker on AI, Future of Work, Employee Experience.



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Award-Winning Human Resources Leader| Growth Coach for Start-ups| Keynote Speaker on AI, Future of Work, Employee Experience| Head of Talent for @MaRSDD Venture Services 

Daneal’s fascination with tech began with her first leadership role in 1997 for Intel Corporation, China and strengthened during her last 15 years working for some of Toronto’s most innovative start-ups.

At MaRS (largest urban innovation hub) , Daneal is the Executive in Residence of MaRS Talent - mandated to serve entrepreneurs across all high-growth sectors in attracting & retaining the talent. Her team's on-demand HR advisory mitigates the risks commonly associated with scaling companies who don't invest in HR advisory early on such as bad cultural habits, employment risks, compensation inequities and diversity debt —and, if left unchecked employment lawsuits and reputational risks.

Daneal co-produced the inaugural #MoveTheDial event – on a mission to change the face of tech leadership in Canada. #MoveTheDial brought together the largest gathering of tech start-up female leaders in Canada including 100 founders and 40 venture capitalists.

Daneal is a sought-out expert, entrepreneur, mentor and speaker on leading HR thinking. She was named Top 25 HR Professionals in Canada (HR Reporter 2017), Canadian HR Awards Winner in the Category of Best Service Provider (2018) and Peerscale Leadership Initiative Award recipient (2017).

Daneal holds a Masters in International Management & Cross-Cultural, Advanced Program in Human Resource Management from Rotman School of Business and is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL).

Co-author of a career survival guide for millennials.
"Hitting Stryde is a must read for an Millennials as they enter the workforce. A great collection of insightful tips, illustrated by real-life examples, to help new graduates get an edge in work and life." - David Stein, former exec at Salesforce and current Managing Partner at Leaders Fund.

Daneal has a Masters in Arts in International Leadership and is a Certified Co-Active Coach.

Fee Ranges: Up to $5000

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Daneal Charney

Industry Expertise (6)

Human Resources

Information Technology and Services

Professional Training and Coaching

Computer Software

Staffing and Recruiting

Talent Management

Areas of Expertise (15)

People Analytics

Hr & Talent Management

global skills

Employment Brand

Leadership Entreprenership Startups

Start Up Companies

Women in Tech

Innovation & Creativity

hiring globally

Future of Work

scaling tech software companies

Hr Technology

AI for recruitment or HR

HR Strategy for Startups & Scaling companies

Artificiial Intelligence

Accomplishments (6)

2018 Canadian HR Awards Winner (professional)


Reader's Choice Award for Best Service Provider

Top 25 Human Resource Professionals award - Canadian HR Reporter (professional)


Top 25 Human Resource Professionals award - Canadian HR Reporter

HR Awards 2016 Finalist in the category of Best Employer Branding (professional)


HR Awards 2016 Finalist in the category of Best Employer Branding

Peerscale - Leadership Initiative Awards (professional)


ACETech Ontario - Leadership Initiative Awards recognizes the expertise and thought leadership of members and provides a structure to share within the membership.

Hitting Stryde: A Generation Y Career Survival Guide (professional)


Co-author of a career survival guide for millennials. "Hitting Stryde is a must read for an Millennials as they enter the workforce. A great collection of insightful tips, illustrated by real-life examples, to help new graduates get an edge in work and life." - David Stein, former exec at Salesforce and current Managing Partner at Leaders Fund

Judge to shortlist the top 50 most innovative workspaces (professional)


The ELEVATED Awards: Most Innovative Workplaces ​The workforce of today has set the bar high. For a company to catch their eye and keep them engaged, it’s going to take more than beanbag chairs and ping pong tables. A workplace must foster innovation in every aspect. They must inspire with purpose and vision, include diverse voices, encourage passions, do good in the world... and have a killer space.

Education (1)

Rotman School of Management: Advanced Program in Human Resource Management, Business Acumen for HR Professionals, Human Resources 2012

Affiliations (1)

  • Certified Human Resource Leader (CHRL)

Testimonials (2)

Emma Scott, CSO & Co-founder | Talent Minded

Daneal has been a formidable force behind NexJ`s recognition as a career maker for new grads in enterprise software. It has been a pleasure partnering with her to bring in new people to NexJ.

Jennifer Corriero, Executive Director | TakingItGlobal

Daneal has offered incredible insight to our leadership team at TakingITGlobal in her capacity as a coach, workshop facilitator and consultant. She has help to develop the capacity of of staff to have courageous conversations and also played an instrumental role in supporting the development of some of our HR systems and processes. Daneal is also an incredible moderator for events and offers supportive approaches to problem solving with her clients.

Media Appearances (16)

Interview with Ben Zifkin, CEO of Hubba

Beta kit  online


One-on-one interview with Hubba CEO Ben Zifkin on scaling his business, culture and himself as a leader.

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Does HR Need AI?

HR Reporter  print


Front page

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HR Chat: Talent, Learning & Innovate Work with Daneal Charney

HR Gazette  online


Interview on the consumerization of HR

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HR in the Hotseat

HRM  online


Interviews with recognized HR. Leaders

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Virtual teams - trend or fad

CBC Radio/Metro Morning  radio


Virtual team - is this a trend or a fad?

Canada's Bold Move to Attract Highly Skilled Talent Paying Off

Epoch News  online


Global hiring is on the up and up in Canada

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Tech Companies Need to Stand Up to Jerks in Their Midst

Globe & Mail  online


Real cost of jerks

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Company Builder

HRD Magazine  print


Profiles HRD 2018 award winners

Media Appearance Image

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From Zero to IPO: People Due Diligence at Every Stage of Growth

CVCA  online


Investors should do human due diligence as a standard part of their overall review of any potential opportunity. Every stage of the business necessitates a higher level of human due diligence to ensure you mitigate future costs and drive your desired business performance. If you are counting on future individual, executive or team capabilities to drive future business performance, don’t assume this will happen without a retention strategy. A seasoned HR pro is a key partner of this journey.

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What is Your Best Remote Work Strategy? Treat Your Employees Like Customers.

MaRSDD  online


With offices still shuttered thanks to COVID-19, Canadian startups are leading the work-from-home movement with a mix of agility and empathy.

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The New Metrics for Scaling Tech Businesses—Part I

CVCA  online


This is part one of a two part article detailing HR considerations for quarterly board reporting. This article is a contribution from Daneal Charney, Executive in Residence for MaRSDD Momentum companies, Top 25 Human Resource Winner and Certified Leadership Coach.

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Letting employees work from anywhere is a risk worth taking

MaRS  online


Refusing to meet workers where they are — even if that’s Barbados — means foregoing tremendous competitive advantage

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Fireside Chat with Daneal Charney, Executive in Residence for Multiple companies

Expose magazine  online


Because of the current economic climate our publication has started a series of discussions with professional individuals meant to engage our readers with relevant companies and their representatives in order to discuss about their involvement, what challenges they have had in the past and what they are looking forward to in the future. This sequence aims to present a series of experiences, recent developments, changes and downsides in terms of their business areas, as well as their goals, values, career history, the high-impact success outcomes and achievements. Daneal Charney is an an entrepreneurial Human Resources leader with a reputation for understanding the business, supporting business transformations (M&A, entering global markets, shifting business models, restructuring), providing creative solutions to key people issues and coaching founders and executive teams. Over the past 15 years, she’s had the opportunity to hone her expertise in: talent acquisition, employee experience, university/campus programs, employment branding, onboarding, leadership development, management coaching, performance management, workforce planning, change management, workplace culture and ultimately creating a great place to work.

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Signing bonuses? Hybrid work? Toronto tech employees are increasingly calling the shots

Toronto Star  online


With the world slowly reopening, the work landscape has changed, and employees, who have definitively proven they don’t need to be in an office to be productive, are suddenly in the driver’s seat. “It’s one of the most interesting, dynamic and complex talent markets that I have witnessed in years,” says Daneal Charney, an executive in residence at MaRS Discovery District.

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Strong culture needed for remote work success

HR Reporter  online


What’s made remote work hard is people don’t have those normal social interactions, and employers can’t really provide those right now. As a result, many employers are moving away from the face-to-face, “tribal” culture to more of a written, explicit culture, which is much more inclusive, says Daneal Charney, an executive in residence at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. “It’s less about if you’re in a physical environment in your headquarters, you have a lot more access to the network, you’re probably more likely to be promoted, you’re going to bump into that top executive and maybe share your ideas. This remote culture has been a more inclusive culture, location-agnostic, no matter where you are. So that’s been a positive.” Several companies have said that their non-headquarters employees are now participating more and recognized more “because these online mediums are more of an equalizer,” she says.

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The Evolution of Talent Strategy in Canada

Canadian Business  online


Gathering at the MaRS Discovery District in downtown Toronto, the panel was moderated by Jason Maghanoy, CB’s associate publisher and vice president of digital solutions and business development at SJC Media. The panelists were three exciting business leaders: Greg Dubejsky, the director of digital expansion at Amazon Canada; Fatima Zaidi, founder and CEO of production agency Quill; and Daneal Charney, the executive-in-residence at MaRS Discovery District.

Media Appearance Image

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Event Appearances (36)

How Start-ups Can Attract Talent in a Hot Job Market

Venture for Canada  Lighthouse Labs


Cost of Brilliant Jerks

ACETech Ontario - Leadership Iniative Awards  Downtown Toronto


"Conversation with Ben Zifkin, CEO of Hubba" -- Up Close & Personal Interview

Venture for Canada  77 King St W #500 Toronto, ON M5K 1A2


New Faces of Fintech - Key Organizer

MaRS Fintech  MaRS Auditorium, 111 College Street


Sorry, Uber! How Canadian Gender Diversity Wins.

Tactics for Founders from our HR Leaders.  Virtual Open Forum


Cost of Brilliant Jerks

TorontoHR Meetup hosted by Tembo Social  Toronto


Recruitment Marketing - Presenter

Grow Camp  MaRS Discovery District


Summit Host

HR Tech Summit Canada  International Centre


Consumerization of HR

InnovateWork  Downtown Toronto


HRToronto Meetup

Venture for Canada - BDC Series  Lighthouse Labs


Dealing with Brilliant Jerks

Toronto CTO  Downtown Toronto

Recruiting is sales and marketing

AceTech CTO Roundtable  Spoke Club


Life is Short, Join a Startup

Venture for Canada  Downtown Toronto


HR Leadership Summit  Downtown Toronto


AI, Data and the Workplace

Elevate Toronto  We Work, Downtown Toronto


Building a Culture That Attracts Top Talent

CIX Conference  Toronto


Mastering Growth Webinar: Building Brand Identity for Culture & Customer

Mastering Growth Webinar Series  MaRS Discovery District

Co-founders & Where to Find Them

Webinar  Queens Masters of Entrepreneurship Program


Panel moderator

Talent Fuels Tech announcement/panel  MaRS Discovery


Master facilitator/host

MaRS Tech Disrupters - The Tech Enabled CHRO  MaRS


Standing Out Above the Crowd - Building an Employer Advantage

Grow Camp  MaRS Discovery District


Preparing HR for Hyper-Growth - Panel Moderator

HR Tech Summit  Toronto


Addressing Tech’s Ethical Dark Side: How Can we Ensure that AI is Used for the Good? - Panel Moderator

HR Tech Summit  


Fireside chat - Why AI Needs Human Resources

Hospital conference  SickKids, UHN and Holland Bloorview


League WebEx series

Innovative ways to propel your talen acquisition strategy  WebEx


Redesigning the Employee Experience Leveraging Data

4th Annual People Analytics Conference  Toronto, ON


From Corporate to Startup - Pivoting Your Role

Elevate Talent  Toronto, ON


HR's Role in Creating a Great Employee Experience

CHRO Roundtable series  MaRS Discovery District


Technology, Disruption and what AI Means to You

Recharge 2018 Conference  


Cannabis in the Workplace Panel

Peerscale Power Session  Toronto, ON


Mastering Talent series

Startup Compensation  MaRS Discovery District, Toronto


Mastering Talent Series

Planning for Growth - Co-organizer/panel moderator  MaRS Discovery District, Toronto


Mastering Talent Series

Building Your Employer Value Proposition  MaRS Discovery District, Toronto


Remote-First Work - Are Your Ready for the Long Haul?

Momentum P2P Series  VIrtual webex


6 Key People Metrics that Matter to Scaling Tech Businesses

CIX Conference  Toronto, Ontario


Venture for Canada conference - moderator

Leveraging People Data to make data informed decisions  Virtual


Sample Talks (3)

Developing a compelling EVP that answers the question, "why should I work for you?

Can be done as keynote, presentation or panel topic

Recruitment Marketing 101: a required discipline for HR leaders

Can be done as keynote, presentation or panel topic

The Total Cost of Jerks (TCJ) in the workplace #NoAssholeRule

Can be done as keynote, presentation or panel topics



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC
  • Author Appearance


1000 to 5000

Research Focus (1)

2022 People Benchmarking Report for High Growth SaaS Companies


The 2021 People benchmark report: High-growth SaaS companies was launched to help CEOs and executive teams of privately-held tech companies make more informed talent-related decisions. This report enables high-growth companies globally to compare themselves against their peers in the key HR metrics that matter most to their businesses. These same metrics should be part of a company’s internal quarterly review to enable better talent-related decisions and to avoid scaling unsustainably.

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Articles (6)

Tech Companies Need to stand up to Jerks in their Midst

Globe & Mail

Daneal Charney


Provocative article to caution tech companies against being enablers to brilliant jerks. The worst behaviour in your culture becomes the new normal.

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Overdue Welcome to Foreign Talent

Tech Vibes

Daneal Charney


June 12th was the launch of the Global Skills Strategy promising an expedited visa process for highly skilled talent.

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Generation Y at Work

Great Place to Work

Daneal Charney

What will generation Y be like as managers? Some argue they will adapt the same behaviors and practices as the rest of us. “Wait till they grow up and have real responsibility!. That will teach ‘em”. While this line of thinking seems to make sense because GenY will be in the same life stage as the managers before them, it doesn’t take into account the tremendous shifts in workplace culture.

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Canada's Startups are Noticing US Headlines About Sexism in Tech

IT Business

Christine Wong


Guest contributor for this article

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HR in the Hot Seat: Daneal Charney, MaRS Discovery District

HRM Magazine

Laura McQuillian


Personal career profile

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Employment Brand is the New Killer App


Daneal Charney & Manda Cuthbertson


Fast-growing employers are building great brands around their talent offering and MaRS Talent is helping them do it. Competitive compensation may be the price of admission when it comes to building a supercharged team, but employer brand is the “killer app” companies are using to become a magnet for talent and drive measurable results. “As a scaling company, we don’t have time to get it wrong. The scarcity of talent means you have to invest in your talent brand, because if you don’t have the best people, you don’t have the best company.” – Axle Davids, VP Brand @ Swift Medical

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