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Daniel Reis

Director, PMM | Consultant


Dan Reis, a cyber security professional, provides detailed insights on how to protect yourself and your data



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Mr. Reis has been working in high-tech in Silicon Valley for over 25 years. This includes the last 15+ years with companies that produce business security solutions. He was Director of Product Marketing at Nokia Internet Security, and was part of a team that redefined security solutions as dedicated high performance integrated security appliances. Mr. Reis was also Director of Product Marketing at Trend Micro, a leading enterprise security firm in endpoint, virtualization and cloud security. During that time he wrote a Dummies Book “Cloud and Virtualization Security for Dummies” as an educational primer. He is currently Director of Product Marketing for FireEye, Inc. a leading cyber intelligence company that revolutionized threat intelligence, and is a leader in systems and methods for preventing and dealing with threat incidents. Mr. Reis's professional goal is to help expand awareness of security issues all organizations struggle with daily. He feels better understanding of the interrelated but often obscure elements required for a secure environment can only help companies do a better job of protecting their data. As a part of his efforts, he speaks at numerous events, forums and customer venues to provide insights that hopefully help company’s security decision making. Additionally, to keep up in the dynamic world of security he recently completed (2013) a Master of Science in Information Systems Security at the University of San Francisco. He also has Bachelors in Economics and an MBA.