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Daniel Smith-Christopher - Loyola Marymount University. Los Angeles, CA, US

Daniel Smith-Christopher

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Dr. Smith-Christopher (he prefers simply "Daniel") is Professor of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University with specialization in Old Testament Studies and Theology. He is the author of several books, including Micah: A Commentary (The Old Testament Library, 2015); A Biblical Theology of Exile (Overtures to Biblical Theology, ); as well as two textbooks for Catholic high schools: Introduction to the Old Testament: Our Invitation to Faith and Justice, and (with Fr. Patrick Mullen), Sacred Scripture: A Catholic Study of God's Word (both Ave Maria Press). Dr. Smith-Christopher is also the author of “The Books of Ezra-Nehemiah” in The Oxford Bible Commentary, and “Daniel” in the New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary. He is the editor of, and a contributor to: Subverting Hatred: The Challenge of Religious Nonviolence (Orbis Books). Dr. Smith-Christopher's teaching reflects wide interests. He has taught on topics in scripture, particularly of the Exilic and Persian periods, and on issues of peace, justice and non-violence, but also on the role of Scripture in African-American Gospel and Blues musical and lyrical traditions, the Bible in Maori/New Zealand cultural contexts, and cross-cultural interpretation of the Bible more generally. Dr. Smith-Christopher has taken both undergraduate and graduate students to New Zealand often, but also regularly takes classes on local visits to culturally-based parishes and congregations in the Los Angeles area, as well as taking students on a Train trip through the Southwest to visit and listen to Native American Christians share their traditions and perspectives. Dr. Smith-Christopher also team-teaches a course on Lamentations and the Blues in Memphis, TN. He has also consulted on many television and multimedia projects in these areas. "Besides teaching the Old Testament, and especially those Scriptures that arise from ancient Israel's traumatic experiences of conquest and subordination under empires - I am especially committed to finding ways to listen to diverse voices today. I am fascinated by the intellectual challenges, and the gifts, of readings from ethnically, culturally, and spiritually diverse Christians - and I seek to invite Christians from many backgrounds to share their readings of the Scripture and how their own insights can transform everyone's readings of the book we share. My reading of the Bible, and my life, has been transformed by listening to experiences other than my own."

Education (3)

Oxford University: Ph.D., Theology 1986

Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries: M.Div., Biblical Studies and Peace Studies 1981

George Fox University: B.A., Philosophy and Sociology 1977

Areas of Expertise (5)

Old Testament Studies

Old Testament Theology

Religion and Peace Nonviolence

Cross-Cultural Interpretation of the Bible and Indigenous Christianity

Postcolonial Interpretation of Bible

Accomplishments (5)

Fulbright Lecturer Award (professional)

Spain, 2013

Outstanding Professor (professional)

Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, LMU, 2011

University Teacher of the Year (professional)

Associated Students of LMU, 2007

Undergraduate Theology Teacher of the Year (professional)

Augsburg Fortress Press, 2006

Lilly Summer Seminar Program (professional)

Peace and Justice in Bible and the Quran, 2003

Affiliations (2)

  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • Society of Old Testament Studies

Languages (3)

  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Greek

Courses (7)

Introduction to the Old Testament

Introduction to the Old Testament

Prophecy and Society in Ancient Israel (and New Zealand)

Prophecy and Society in Ancient Israel (and New Zealand)

The Bible and the Blues

The Bible and the Blues

Prophecy and Social Justice

Prophecy and Social Justice

Imago Dei: The Bible and Modern Debates on Hominid Identity

Imago Dei: The Bible and Modern Debates on Hominid Identity

Text in Context: Cross Cultural Interpretation of the Bible

Text in Context: Cross Cultural Interpretation of the Bible

The Bible, War, Peace, and Nonviolence

The Bible, War, Peace, and Nonviolence

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