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Darin Hartley

Executive Director, Client Management | Intrepid Learning Solutions


Author, Creative Sales Pro, and Social Media Guru

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Social Media


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Job Analysis At the Speed of Reality

10 Steps to Successful Social Nertworking for Business

Linkedin for Success

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10 Steps to Successful Social Nertworking for Business

Social networking has transcended "trendy" and vaulted into the "business critical" quadrant for many organizations. Companies large and small use it to facilitate marketing, sales, customer support, employee/client readiness and related business processes. The social networking surround is continually morphing; the diversity of platforms and tools can be daunting, even to those who experiment with new technologies regularly. This presentation, based on one of ASTD Press? "10 Steps" series, 10 Steps to Successful Social Networking for Business, will help you understand macro-level trends, categorization and best practices around using social networking for your learning in your organization.


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