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Darko Kapelina - D2. Cumming, GA, US

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Darko Kapelina interested in regenerative sailing as a topic of discussion. Great subject for rountable or round robin type brainstorming discussions about marketing strategies, market share growth, or EBIT increases. Darko Kapelina has sailed in some of the many spectacular places on earth where the water is still pristine and the surrounding terrain is spectacularly beautiful. Darko Kapelina is interested moving away from using fossil fuels by leveraging breakthroughs in regenerative systems which utilize solar, wind and electric motors to generate energy. As well as advances in battery technology for energy storage. Truly clean sailing is within our grasp. There are far too many compelling reasons answering the why? An electric motor will never pollute our environment, less dependency fossil fuel, no oil in the bilge which could be pumped overboard accidently, no exhaust fumes being admitted into the environment, no noise pollution, batteries can be recycled at the end of their life, no used oil to dispose of, zero carbon footprint if charge by solar or wind, more efficient (at comparable size and horsepower) than a gas/diesel engine, no gas, no noise, no fumes, an electric motor is silent, clean electricity is far more available than marine fuel stations, no more fear of onboard fuel fire, no more fear of carbon monoxide poising, an odor free bilge, boaters spend over 35 billion per year on fuel and operating expenses, producing tons of harmful emissions, burning one gallon of fuel releases over 19 lbs. of CO2 into the atmosphere. Which leads to the what and the how?

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Why Diesel when Electric works?

Why use a diesel motor to propel a sailboat when an electric motor can do the job more efficiently without polluting our environment? It's not that inboard electric motors are not available but the adoption of the electric motor breakthrough has been spotty at best. Why? because it doesn't fit the existing sailing paradigm! Darko Kapelina believes the time for electric motor sailing is here.



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