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Darlene Hunter - Darlene Hunter & Associates, LLC. Franklinville, NJ, US

Darlene Hunter Darlene Hunter

President, | Darlene Hunter & Associates, LLC

Franklinville, NJ, UNITED STATES

Motivational Speaker, Trainer & Life Coach - Making Life Changing Differences in the Lives of People - Encouraging, Empowering & Inspiring





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Darlene is an influential Motivational / Inspirational Speaker, Trainer, Author, Business & Life Coach and a Radio Talk Show Host. She is known as “The Encourager” for the way that she gives confidence to her audience which enables them to take action in their lives and move forward in pursuing their goals, objectives, ambitions and purpose. . This is evident in the way that she touches lives through her keynotes, workshops, seminars and coaching.

Darlene has been in management for over 30 years and has been viewed as a top performer throughout her career in motivating, training, developing and coaching her teams to achieve extraordinary results in sales, service, talent and execution. She has exceptional listening, interpersonal, business, leadership and team building skills. Darlene takes great pride and satisfaction in motivating individuals and teams to exceed their goals and expectations. She stands with her teams and clients to help them turn their challenges into victories and holds them accountable to reach their desired goals.

Darlene is a charismatic, natural leader with a passion for people. She is enthusiastic and highly driven to move her audience to a greater level of success and inspire them to go beyond the ordinary. Darlene is transparent in sharing her personal testimony of overcoming monumental obstacles in her life which enables her to have an immediate connection with her audience, clients and listeners.

Darlene is the author of the books “Overcoming the Obstacles, Releasing the Winner in You” and “You Are, Just Believe It!” She is a Co-author of the book "Getting Well: Mind, Body and Spirit", and Co-Author of the soon to be released “The Young Professional Woman, Breaking into the Business World and Succeeding”.

Darlene will bring an incredible amount of energy to your event, conference, workshop, breakout or seminar. Make the decision to have Darlene “Make a Life Changing Difference” in the lives of your teams.

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Professional Training and Coaching

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Overcoming the Obstacles

Releasing the Winner in You

Mastering Your Mission

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Author - "Overcoming The Obstacles, Releasing the Winner in You" (personal)


This Inspirational book will inspire you to continue to push forward, to never give up and always believe that it is never over until God says it’s over. You will be inspired by the real life obstacles that I have faced throughout life and encouraged by the way that God brought me through them. You will come to understand that God has a plan for our life and that all that we go through shapes us to be the people that we are today.

Co-Author - Getting Well: Mind, Body and Spirit (personal)


GETTING WELL: MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT RELEASED INTERNATIONALLY March 28, 2013 Authored by Darlene Hunter and wellness experts from the U.K., France, and the United States, topics include dealing with stress, benefits of self-care, nutritional healing, life after abuse, following your vision, the mind/body connection, coping with depression, and how to live a healthier life. This highly anticipated book will be available from the contributing authors, publisher, and Amazon Books.

Co-Author - The Young Professional Woman (personal)


Authored by Darlene Hunter and business professionals from the U.K., France, and the United States. This highly anticipated book will be available from the contributing authors, publisher, and Amazon Books.

Author - "You Are, Just Believe It!" (personal)


Motivational Book - Simple Reminders of How Special You Are Darlene will donate a portion of every book sold of "You Are, Just Believe It!" to the "Minutes For Moms" project, this will provide support for American Moms In Domestic Violence Crisis Overseas. Every $1 raised will pay for 1 minute of time on the international toll free, confidential crisis line 866- USWOMEN, for an American mother in crisis experiencing domestic violence overseas.

Testimonials (5)

Alan Hudock, District Manager | The Picture People

"Darlene 'wrote the book' when it comes to professional demeanor, classey management style and motivation. As counterparts, we always knew she was in the room and would anticipate learning that day. She's lives by the quote: "motivate someone thru teaching".

Janet Mlynski, Regional Vice President | It's Fashion at Cato Corporation

"Darlene has a great way of motivating and leading people to success. Her passion is seen not only by her people but through her desire to be surrounded by success. Her business knowledge, energy and ability to empower those that work for her shows what a great leader and asset she is to any company that hires her".

Rozlyn Greenfield, Corporate Training Professional | Oracle

"Darlene has consistently demonstrated very high standards in terms of the quality of her work. Her passion is contagious to all that work with her. She has an incredible ability to engage with people at all levels and treats everyone with respect, compassion and understanding. She is smart, creative, and ambitious and inspires those around her to rise to her level. She is a business driver who gets results by training her teams for success and holds them accountable to produce. Her peers, staff and all levels of management hold her in very high regard".

Marc Medley, Radio Talk Show Host | The Reading Circle w/Marc Medley at WP88.7 FM

"Darlene joined my show The Reading Circle with Marc Medley heard on WP88.7 FM and this year and she has been a blessing to the show. She has enhanced my 7:00 a.m. hour with her Motivational Moments with Darlene Hunter and my listening audience looks forward to hearing what Darlene has to say each Saturday morning. She is extremely personable, is very creative and is extremely punctual. Her segment begins at 7:05 a.m. each Saturday and I can set my watch by her phone call. She is a professional and truly a joy to work with."

Adrienne Clarke , Local App Broker & Trainer | MAC Sisters

"Darlene is a professional business woman full of grace, phenomenal attitude, business etiquette and one of the best Inspirational Motivators. The difference with Darlene and so many others is that she lived the story of her life and have overcome mountains of obstacles to survive. So many of us would have curled up and wanted to die but Darlene forged ahead knowing that God is the Supreme Leader and in Him she could do all things. Faith is her healer and in these difficult times, we need people who have been through the storm and not those just making up stories for sale. Yes, Darlene is a phenomenal person, Motivational Speaker and Author among her many other successes. I highly recommend Darlene's book ... "Overcoming The Obstacles And R

Event Appearances (5)

Keynote Speaker for the Weekend

Sicklerville United Methodist Church Woman's Retreat  Ocean City, NJ


Keynote Speaker

Motivational Welcome Back Meeting  Monroe Township Board of Education


Keynote Speaker

Woman's Power Hour  St. Matthew's Baptist Church


Keynote Speaker

National Coalition of Black Air Traffic Controllers  Cherry Hill, NJ


Keynote Speaker

Sicklerville United Methodist Church Good Friday Breakfast  Trump National Golf Club, Pine Hill, NJ


Sample Talks (1)

The "Releasing The Winner In You Challenge"

Now... As you know, we are all faced with a monumental amount of obstacles everyday, some big and some small. It's what we DO with them and how we DEAL with them that makes all the difference. So if you are struggling with financial problems, divorce, separation, abuse, loneliness, heartache, wayward children or any other obstacles that life brings... You need to know that your life is Not over. You can and will make it through.



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1000 to 2500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee