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Darrel Dunn - Darrel Dunn - Hydrogeologist. Colorado Springs, Colorado Area, , US

Darrel Dunn

Senior Hydrogeologist | Darrel Dunn - Hydrogeologist

Colorado Springs, Colorado Area, UNITED STATES

Darrel Dunn PhD PG Hydrogeologist


Broad experience in groundwater hydrology, surface water hydrology, and geologic computer applications, especially surface water and groundwater modeling. Experience also includes environmental geology, engineering geology, and petroleum geology. Worked for engineering firms, government agencies, universities, a petroleum company, and as an independent consultant to mining companies, petroleum companies, manufacturing companies, law firms, engineering firms, land developers, geothermal developers, government agencies, ranchers, and other types of clients. Taught university courses in geology and hydrogeology at undergraduate and graduate levels.


2008 - present: Hydrogeologist and Geologist dba Darrel Dunn - Hydrogeologist

Performed an analysis of water well step test data for an engineering firm.

Performed a peer review of a water resources management plan for Broward County, Florida. The plan was based on an integrated surface water and groundwater computer model.

Performed a groundwater resource assessment for a subdivision.

Performed a groundwater resource assessment for a ranch.

Developed the following web pages:

Occurrence of methane in the subsurface of the western United States.
Aquifer Storativity.
Aquifer Step Testing.
Water Table Aquifer Testing.
Leaky Aquifer Testing.
Fractured Aquifer Testing.
Injection Well Testing.
Aquifer Exploration.
Geology of Palmer Lake, Colorado.
Saltwater Intrusion.
Groundwater Quality.
Flow Duration Curves
MODFLOW Modeling
MT3D Modeling
AT123D Modeling
MODPATH Modeling
Water Well Specific Capacity
Computerized Contour Mapping

Previous employment:
Supervisor, Groundwater and Surface Water Planning Section, Water Resources Division, Department of Environmental Protection, Broward County, Florida.

Earlier employment: Advanced Sciences, Inc, Denver Colorado; International Technology Corporation, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania; Earth Science Services, Inc., Bozeman, Montana; University of Toledo, Ohio; Montana State University; Pure Oil Company, Illinois, Colorado, Canada.

Ph.D. University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana.

Industry Expertise (1)

Environmental Services

Areas of Expertise (1)

Hydrogeology, Geology

Education (1)

University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana: Ph.D., Geology/Hydrogeology 1968

Affiliations (1)

  • Geological Society of America