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Daryl Montgomery - New York Investing Meetup. New York, NY, US

Daryl Montgomery

Author, Blogger, Market Strategist | New York Investing Meetup


Former popular professor providing independent, unbiased big picture analysis of the markets and economy for investors.





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I am one of the foremost authorities on inflation investing in the world. I have written a three volume book of approximately 1000 pages which is meant to be the authoritative guide on this topic. I am a former academic who frequently taught large undergraduate lecture classes. , Now, I am now a popularizer of investing and economic topics with the goal of helping the average person to knowledgeably navigate the markets.

Currently, I run the New York Investing meetup, which has over 3000 members and it the largest investing group of its kind globally. I speak there monthly. I also write the "Helicopter Economics Investing Guide". Its articles are republished by Seeking Alpha, ETFGuide and on a number of other financial websites.

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Investing in the 2010s

Inflation Investing

Investing in an Economic Crisis

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Investing in an Era of Economic Crises and Inflation

The 2010s will be a tumultuous time for investors and their portfolios face a number of risks that could cause major losses. The biggest risk going forward will be inflation because of the unprecendented amount of money printing being done by central banks (there is no instance of excess money creation in the last 2000 years that hasn't led to an inflationary episode). Investors need to know when it will arrive and how bad it will get. Few advisors are adequately preparing their clients for inflation because the last major inflation took place in the 1970s before they began their careers. The options have also increased significantly since that time with many new products and specific investments becoming available. My research has also shown that many of the popular inflation hedges commonly used today don't work. The talk will examine investments in energy, agriculture, gold and silver, industrial metals, foreign currencies and art and collectibles among others.



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