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David Hepburn Jr - Mentoring Your Success. Phoenix, Arizona Area, AZ, US

David Hepburn Jr

Owner | Mentoring Your Success

Phoenix, Arizona Area, AZ, UNITED STATES

Business Mentor,Trainer, Speaker. I get rid of the "Head Trash" you deal with so you can get to where you want to be!





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I used to be a Marketing Consultant. In 1999 I fired all my clients. It was the best day of my life!! It was then I started to do what I was meant to do...and that is help small business owners get their businesses to where they want them to be.

I realized then that even though I helped businesses grow, when I left them, they went back to where they were before we started working together. Their internal thermostat was stuck. They sabotaged themselves to stay at a level that was less than when I worked with them.

Now, I work with their internal thermostat FIRST, then we grow the business.

I help you understand why you think the things you do and how to think better. Awareness is the key and you need to be aware of what you think. It's called Metacognition and most people don't do it.

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Business Services

Corporate Training

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Personal Development

Sales Training

Business Development

Education (4)

Bethel University: BS/BA, English, Psychology, History 1980

Minnehaha Academy: 1975

University of Minnesota: English Literature 1981

Bethel University: BA, English, Psychology, History 1980

Masters in English, University of Minnesota

Affiliations (5)

  • National Association of Sales Professionals
  • Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce
  • ASBA Arizona Small Business Association
  • The Mastermind Roundtable "Dream Team" Toastmasters
  • North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Testimonials (2)

Kevin Mogavero, VP 6 Degrees Leadership | 6 Degrees Leadership

David's workshops are just that, WORKshops. They force you to stop working IN your business for a moment and make you work ON your business. So get your mental gym shorts and a towel and prepare to do some work. Just like after a good workout, you'll be so glad you did it. You'll leave the workshop with a new energy, a solidified strategy and some homework to keep you going. If you follow his advice, there is no other alternative but success. What he tells you to do isn't easy, but it is simple. David takes the complex and broad topics and breaks them down to narrow, simple tasks. The only thing you need when you leave his workshop to be successful is to implement the plan he helped you create! ~ Kevin Mogavero

Sue Ciccolini, VP Arbonne International | Devry/Keller Graduate School of Management

"David is an experienced success coach and his seminars provide relevant, useful information that can be applied immediately to your business." Sue Ciccolini

Event Appearances (1)

Reprogram Your Brain For Success

Reprogram Your Brain For Success  Devry/Keller Graduate School of Management


Sample Talks (1)

Understanding Selling...And Why You Struggle

Everyone sells! Not everyone sells well! Find out why your sales are not where they should be…(and it’s not the economy!) Sales is an “Inside Game.” Most salespeople aren’t even playing in the right arena Sell: It’s NOT a 4 letter word. If you think it is, you need to be here! Learn why Professional Salespeople Succeed where you struggle Using stories to sell & why you need to Serving vs. Selling 7 Ways to Nurture Relationships Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition 4 Secrets to Se



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