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David Hood - Torchbearer Ltd / The Epsilon Project / Author. Edinburgh, Midlothian, GB

David Hood David Hood

Torchbearer Ltd / The Epsilon Project / Author

Edinburgh, Midlothian, UNITED KINGDOM

Specialist on Competitiveness; Author and Marketing Champion








A rounded and experienced Competitiveness Strategist who thrives on seeking improved revenue performance and creating enhanced competitiveness for your proposition and organisation, revealing your best, current U.S.P, (unique selling point) - a better one that can be quickly and easily applied.

Author of the books 'Competitive SME' and 'The Marketing Manifesto' (

Heads The Epsilon Project at Edinburgh Napier University, discovering how organisations can get their offers 'Right, First Time'.

Industry Expertise (3)

Corporate Leadership


Business Services

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Unique Selling Proposition


Product Development

Accomplishments (6)

Chair, the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Technology Group (professional)


Chaired the CIM's Technology interest group; served on the CIM's Scottish and Market Councils and Boards.

Competitive SME - author (professional)


Authored the powerful new book 'Competitive SME' that fundamentally helps the small to medium sized enterprise to become more competitive by using good marketing practices, updating marketing specifically for the SME. Publishing with Kogan Page in Q1/2013.

'The Marketing Manifesto' - author (professional)


Authored the definitive book on professional Marketing. Addressed long-standing problems and opportunities that exist for marketing, in 13 'mini-manifestos'. Publishing with Kogan Page in Q1/2013.

Global Marketing Network - Advisory Council (professional)

Asked to become a Member of the Global Marketing Network Advisory Council.

Professional Membership, Global Marketing Network (professional)

Global Marketing Network - Director of Online Community (professional)


Joined current active subscriber group with Global Marketing Network to complete its phase 1 development of an online social network. GMN Online Community is Global Marketing Network's main online presence.

Education (3)

Waterford Institute of Technology: Post Graduate Diploma Enterprise Development 2009

University of the West of Scotland: Post Graduate Diploma, International Marketing 1993

Goldratt Institute: Jonah Programme, Theory of Constraints / Thinking Process 2000

Affiliations (3)

  • Global Marketing Network
  • Competitive SME
  • Business for Scotland

Testimonials (4)

Darrell Kofkin, CEO and Co-Founder | Global Marketing Network

“David lives, breathes and (most probably) sleeps marketing! Dedicated to building a stronger marketing profesison than the one we all entered and committted to the future development of Marketing Professionals, I wholeheartedly recommend David to you as an imaginative thinker who has the customer very much at heart.”

Chahid Fourali, Head | UK Marketing & Sales Standards Setting Body

"David is a passionate marketer I have known for a few years. His commitment is not only for improving the marketing of his clients but also the marketing profession in general. This later commitment was very welcome at a time when I was leading the development of the first world-class marketing and sales standards. He particularly helped involve colleagues based in Scotland and, consequently, helped ensure the robustness of the standards. David has also demonstrated this interest in helping develop professionalism in marketing through his recently published book, The Marketing Manifesto... I therefore have no reservations in recommending David as an experienced marketer and a very friendly person."

Paul Cooper, Director | Institute of Customer Service

“I have worked with David on several projects over the years, when I was director of ICS and after. he is a very committed person, with a strong knowledge of the marketing and customer sevice world, and I recommend him to you wholeheartedly.”

Freddie Daniels, District Governor | Toastmasters International

“David is a smart and forward thinker when it comes to the future of marketing. He understands the current marketing paradigm well and offers a strong sense of how things could be better. Any organisation (large or small) could benefit from David's insights. Not only this, but David is also just type of person that you would enjoy spending social time with once a long productive day has been achieved! Highly recommended.”

Media Appearances (1)

Marketing Misanthropy

eBizradio  online


BizRadio chats to David Hood about his personal journey into the marketing world, his association with the Global Marketing Network and his take and insights into what is known as Marketing Misanthropy. A Shift in Belief Systems - Once upon a time, we liked our customers. We valued them. But what we hear, see and yes, feel occasionally is a dislike for them. They are now seen as a necessary evil. What happened? Was it when we – as growing companies, or just career-minded individuals slowly moving up the professional ladder – allowed our belief systems, including how we deal with other people, to be influenced and affected by a profound change; one that moved our personal focus from customer to company, from innovative and entrepreneurial sole-trader or SME thinking to embrace Corporate selfishness? When did the customer or consumer, change from the very worthwhile and critical lifeblood of your company, to become an external nuisance? What caused the change… Caused us to change?

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Sample Talks (1)

Chaired Kotler / Prahalad Marketing Summit

Chaired the successful top level professional marketing summit from these icons in academic marketing in Birmingham, UK.



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC
  • Author Appearance
  • Corporate Training


2000 to 30000

Partnerships (1)

The Epsilon Project

Edinburgh Napier University Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation


Working on The Epsilon Project, to deliver a framework for Marketing and commercial organisations to get their offer (product / service proposition) Right, First Time.

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