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David J. Kenney is a noted speaker having presented to parent and professional groups at colleges, universities and educational in-services.








David J. Kenney is a noted speaker having presented to parent and professional groups at colleges, universities and educational in-services on topics such as healing trauma, stress management, anxiety reduction, helping children with attention deficits, behavior as language, general parenting and achieving success in our schools.

In 1986, David graduated, magna cum laude, from the University of Detroit – Mercy with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and again as a Specialist in School Psychology in 1989. He served as President of the Michigan Association of School Psychologists in 1997-98 and was liaison to the Michigan State Board of Education from 1995 to 1997.

As an undergraduate student, David was invited to the 1985 National Fairweather conference to present a program he developed using creative writing with chronic, schizophrenic patients. This project was spotlighted in the Detroit Free Press on August 30, 1985.

David has been a school psychologist for over twenty three years in a diverse group of educational settings, from rich to poor, from one of the highest ranked school in the state to one with much less success. He has worked in urban, suburban and rural settings. In one of Michigan’s top ranking school districts, he developed and implemented programs to meet the psych-social needs of parents, teachers and children. He acted as a general, mental health specialist, working to solve problems with teachers and families before special education was needed to formally certify them.

But all achievements pale when compared to raising traumatized children to a healthy maturity. Children wounded by the world have been given little reason to trust it, so there were no guarantees of successful outcomes. Through his committed efforts, David learned strategies to heal harmed children. His expertise and insight has been noted by colleagues, who continue to seek him out for mentoring and training.

Industry Expertise (3)


Mental Health Care


Areas of Expertise (5)

Healing Childhood Trauma

Raising Successful Children

Understanding Behavior as Language

Raising Your Child's Emotional Intelligence

Stress Management

Accomplishments (5)

Crossing In-finity (professional)

Some Way Home: A Memoir in a Myth (professional)

President Michigan Association of School Psychologists (professional)

Foster and Adoptive Dad (personal)


All David's achievements pale when compared to raising traumatized children to a healthy maturity. Children wounded by the world have been given little reason to trust it, so there were no guarantees of successful outcomes. Through his committed efforts, David and his wife, Barbara learned strategies to heal harmed children. His expertise and insight has been noted by colleagues, who continue to seek him out for mentoring and training

Creative Writing Program for Chronically Mentally Il (professional)


Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital Northville, Michigan. June to September,1985.

Education (3)

University of Detroit-Mercy: M.A., Psychology 1987

University of Detroit-Mercy: Specialist, School Psychology 1989

University of Detroit-Mercy: B.A., English Literature and Psychology

Speaker at the 1985 National Fairweather Convention Graduated Magna Cum Laude Member Psi Chi National Honers Society in Psychology 1975 Tower Yearbook Copy Editor Member of 1972 NCAA championship fencing team at the University of Detroit Four year varsity letter holder

Affiliations (3)

  • Manistee Intermediate School District
  • West Shore Community College

Testimonials (11)

Cyndi L. Geiger, ACSW, LMSW School Social Worker | Novi Community Schools

David possesses unsurpassed ethical strengths and high moral character. He is the gentle and constant voice of reason for our team, and the source of comfort for many students and family members. His professional experiences afford him wisdom and knowledge that not only makes him highly sought after by colleagues throughout the district, but also has allowed him to write several moving and thought provoking books that bring additional authority to his counsel. David maintains a profound and reflective talent for language. He has been able to calm potentially disruptive situations with parents, teachers and students by means of this gift. He has utilized true stories, analogies, metaphors and mythology as tools for assisting personal growth

Donna Tinberg , Director of Student Services | Novi Community Schools

It is in the area of behavioral intervention that David shines . . . This is where his energy and commitment know no bounds . . . Given an environment that appreciates and nurtures his brilliant mind and creativity, David will be one of the best school psychologists in the business. He is one of the most outstanding child advocates I’ve ever met. . . . He has the potential to make a huge difference in the lives of the children he serves . . .This man who is deeply passionate about meeting the needs of children who face - and present - significant challenges in the school setting.

Milan Obrenovich , Principal Novi Middle School | Novi Community Schools

David has given unselfishly of his time to conduct invaluable behavior intervention seminars and workshops for our staff and faculty. Faculty trust him and they seek him out for assistance and advise. David is a thoughtful and reflective individual with a quiet but commanding presence. He is a mature, courageous man who has immediate respect of others. He is honorable and deep. He is the kind of individual one would trust with an assignment, a confidence or child's welfare. He is a team player but an independent thinker and self-starter. David is able to communicate with parents and conveys understanding of their children's educational needs. David makes the parents and students at ease as he answers questions and explains thoroughly his fi

Richard E. Kalh, D.D.S., M.B.A , Director of Clinics | University of Detroit-Mercy Dental School

Dear Mr. Kenney, Thank you for your excellent presentation on "Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques". The staff at the University of Detroit Dental School found it most informative and enjoyable. Your enthusiastic method of presentation and your knowledge of the subject matter combined to result in an informative and enjoyable experience for us.

Lorna Lee Spica, Ph.D. , Psychologist | Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital

It is obvious upon meeting Mr. Kenney that he is an exceptionally bright, very open, warm and personable man . . . What proved to be an especially valuable asset is his innate ability to use himself and give of himself freely to those he interacts with . . . Mr. Kenney is the type of man who brings with him in whatever endeavor he attempts, an air of relaxed, easy-going and accepting attitude.

Alison Larson, M.S. CCC-SLP , Speech - Language Pathologist | Novi Community Schools

David has been a valuable asset to our staff and has done a tremendous job . . . he has consistently demonstrated a dedication and genuine desire in helping students and their families. He consistently acts as the students’ advocate always putting their needs first. David also has an exceptional way of communicating and relating to students and parents so that they understand very complex information such as standardized test scores, the special education process, or various disabilities. He uses humor, analogies, metaphors, examples of his own life experiences to help relate the information to families and students . . . David is a truth seeker . . . David has a way of making everyone he is around including staff and families, feel at ease

Alison Burg , Teacher Consultant for Special Education | Novi Community Schools

Behavior Intervention Plans in our school are never quite as effective without being touched by the hand of David Kenney. David’s skill at understanding childhood behavior and what that behavior communicates regarding their needs leads to plans that all participants buy into and are effective in molding positive behavioral outcomes for students . . . David always works from a place of compassion, capitalizing on student strengths, and reinforcing the positives. His skilled use of applied behavioral analysis helps educational teams uncover root causes of unwanted behaviors. Where David has made his greatest impact professionally may well be in his ability to inspire and teach the professionals around him. He elevates the work of others by un

Kristin Weinbeck Corrion, SSW, LMSW , School Social Worker | Novi Community Schools

Dave is a tremendous asset to our team and our students. I have learned something from him in every meeting that we have had together. He has such a wealth of knowledge and experience that he brings to each situation and is able to express that with care and compassion. He has been able to work with some of our most challenging students and provide them with a safe environment to express their feelings as well as working through their issues of concern. Dave has the innate ability to connect with the students and families that he has worked with to earn their trust and respect as well. I have a great deal of admiration and respect for Dave. He is a wonderful source of support to me not only professionally but personally. He is truly o

Colleen M. Ponte, M.A. CCC-SLP , Speech - Language Pathologist | Novi Community Schools

David’s priority in his job has always been students’ best interest. Often time, David goes beyond his job description when providing for the needs of children . . . David has a wealth of knowledge to share not only with his colleagues but with students and parents . . . David is able to deliver information in a compassionate manner taking into account the sensitivity of the situation . . . David is a well respected colleague within the district. He works collaborate . . . and exhibits positive leadership . . . David is committed to providing the best programs and services to students.

Joann Kefalas , Special Education Teacher Consultant | Novi Community Schools

David is an impressive school psychologist who has a tremendous amount and experience . . . He is impressive in the manner in which he handles duties and responsibilities, demonstrating strong leadership skills and initiative. David has been the president of the Michigan Association of School Psychologists in the past and has presented at various state conferences. He is exceptionally focused, well-rounded and multi-talented, leading by example. He is very well respected by the teaching staff, who many times welcomes his suggestions ... David is an excellent role model for his peers and colleagues. He interacts well with people of all ages, manifesting a positive attitude, a good sense of humor, and a kind personality. He is also an indepen

Bernard M. LaPorte, Principal Edison Elementary School | Wayne-Westland Schools

Mr. Kenney has gained a tremendous amount of respect . . . through his positive approach in working with students, parents and teachers . . . He is a very effective communicator. He shows support for both parents and teachers and has demonstrated a willingness to work with them to resolve students problems or difficulties.

Event Appearances (9)


Test Anxiety Prevention Group: Structure and Method.   Presented to the Michigan Association of School Psychologists regional meeting in conjunction with Livonia Public Schools


Attention Development and Social Skills Training for In-School, Elementary Students  Presented to the Michigan Association of School Psychologists Fall conference


Beyond Discipline, Maximizing Your Child's Potential.  Lincoln Park School's Parenting Day


Success and Our Schools: Our Children's Emotional Development  Novi Woods and Plymouth-Canton Fiegel Elementary Schools' PTO


Discipline is not a Four Letter Word   Lincoln Park Schools Parenting Day and the Novi Woods Elementary School PTO


Stress Management and Cognitive Restructuring   University of Detroit Dental School


Creative Writing for the Chronically Mentally Ill   National Fairweather Convention, San Antonio, TX


The Effects and Healing of Childhood Trauma.   Training for Oakland Family Services' foster parents


Positive Behavioral Support  Training for Novi Meadows and Middles schools' faculty professional development training



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