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David Miles - . Waynesboro, VA, US

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Energetic speaker connecting to real needs in an organization in a humorous and engaging manner.



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Motivated and passionate leader, entrepreneur, and lifelong student. Beginning from a systems management approach and a 'big-picture' strategic worldview, I utilize leadership principles to narrow that focus to find and fix unrecognized areas that can inhibit growth in an organization and steal from your bottom line. Finding and fixing obstacles to growth... period. For individuals, teams, and organizations.

Personally, I have over 20 years of public safety and healthcare delivery experience with almost as much experience in training, motivating, educating, and facilitating at a variety of levels. My experience is varied and also includes several entrepreneurial pursuits including a Class-A commercial landscape contracting company and several training companies.

To help fulfill my desire for lifelong learning and to accomplish a long-desired achievement goal, currently I am a Ph.D. candidate in Organizational Leadership, concentrating in Human Resource Development with a particular interest in the practical application of self-directed learning concepts in organizations. I also have an additional educational background that includes a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Leadership, a Master's degree in Public Administration and a systems management-based bachelor's degree.

Whether for a speaking engagement, breakout session, training seminar, a facilitator for your organization or meeting, or for a medium to long-term consulting relationship, allow me to see how I can deliver entertainment, motivation, education, and most of all to increase the engagement of your employees and leadership potential.

Industry Expertise (9)

Corporate Leadership

Media - Online


Government Administration

Public Safety

Fire Protection

Health Care - Providers

Corporate Training

Professional Training and Coaching

Areas of Expertise (6)



Values-Based Ethics

Strengths Based Leadership

Self-Directed Learning

Job Satisfaction (Public Safety)

Accomplishments (2)

Fellows of the Beta Phi Society (professional)


Inducted by invitation only into the Fellows of the Beta Phi academic literary society as a Beta Phi Scholar.

Completed Graduate School with a 4.0 in one year (personal)


Doubled up on classes for my Master's degree and completed the two-year program in one year with a 4.0 grade point average.

Education (4)

Regent University - School of Global Leadership and Entreprenuership: Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies - Leadership, Organizational Leadership 2011

Completing the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in 2014.

Tidewater Community College: Associate in Science, Science 1997

Troy University: Master's of Public Administration, Public Administration 1998

Concentration in Public Management. City Manager Internship.

Hampton University: Bachelor's of Science, Emergency Medical Systems Management 1997

Concentration in Fire Administration.

Event Appearances (4)

"HRD 2.0" - The increasing role of new media in HRD and adult education

First Asia Autonomous Learning World Caucus  Singapore


"Play to your Strengths"

"Play to your Strengths" - 1/2 day workshop.  Greater Tampa area, FL


Self-Directed Learning: An exploration of Value-Based results for organizations

Autonomous Learning World Caucus  Exeter College - Oxford University, UK


Organizational Commitment - "Does it matter?"

Conclave of Leadership Conference  Regent University, VA Beach, VA


Sample Talks (4)

Autonomous Learning and Employee Engagement.

According to experts, 80% of an adults learning is job related but they only receive 20% of that through formal 'work-sponsored' training. Where do your employees learn the rest? Find out how the concept of autonomous learning can revolutionize your organization and how to tap into the hidden resources that may be lying in plain sight within your business.

Strengths or Shortcomings... Where is your focus?

A presentation on focusing on employees strengths and spending time, talent, and treasure developing those strengths instead of wasting time constantly trying to improve areas of weakness (to no avail).

"HRD 2.0" - The increasing role of new media in Human Resource Development and Adult Education

An interactive and engaging look at the role of new media for corporate trainers, human resource development professionals, and those involved in the facilitating of adult learning.

"Play to your Strengths"

Customizable training ranging from 1/2 day to multiple day workshops looking at a positive new focus on employees' strengths and talents versus mainly focusing on their deficiencies and how that change in focus can shift the organizational culture. Includes pre-workshop assessments, analysis, books, and materials.



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Author Appearance


3500 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee