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David Noble, Ph.D. - University of Connecticut. Storrs, CT, US

David Noble, Ph.D. David Noble, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in-Residence, Director of the Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation | University of Connecticut


Professor Noble focuses on technology entrepreneurship in the digital economy.



Teaching, Service, and Research are more than just metrics. I committed to innovative practices in all three areas of the business school. As we enter the data revolution full-throttle, business and business education will be turned up-side down. I embrace this change and look forward to the many challenges that it presents.

Areas of Expertise (4)

Bitcoin & Blockchain

Emerging Technologies

Digital Economy Trends


Education (4)

University of Alabama: Ph.D.

University of Miami School of Law: J.D.

Elon University: M.B.A.

Northeastern University: B.S.




David Noble, Ph.D. Publication





Media Appearances (3)

Most Gen Z girls and women lack a key success lesson in their education

CNBC  tv


David Noble, director of the Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at UConn, said a focus on real-world experience is critical at a time of significant changes for MBA programs that have resulted from declining interest in traditional full-time, two-year degree enrollment. Students, whether male or female, should no longer assume that an MBA is about “checking off boxes and will pay out in X number of years and months and put them on the partnership track,” Noble said. Rather, they should go to business school to become better at thinking and acting like entrepreneurs.

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A glimpse at Silicon Valley’s cryptocurrency craze: A melding of reality, fantasy and hype

Marketwatch  online


The hype that has fueled the skyrocketing prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was on full display this week in San Francisco, where a conference showcasing young companies seeking to catch the crypto wave before it crests offered a perplexing mix of a fantastical future and likely reality. “You have to absolutely leave your assumptions at the door,” cautioned David Noble, who teaches entrepreneurship as an assistant professor in-residence at the University of Connecticut. “These kids don’t care, they want to build something.”

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It pays to have women helming start-ups, new report suggests

USA Today  online


It pays — literally — to have women heading start-ups, a new report by researchers at the University of Connecticut and the non-profit organization Girls With Impact suggests.

Researchers examined five years of college venture competitions at the University of Connecticut and found that although only 17.8% of participants were female, over half of teams that went home with prize money had at least one woman in a leadership position.

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Event Appearances (1)

What Role Will the Deployment of Blockchain Technology Play in How We Organize?



Articles (2)

The Role of Research Strategies and Professional Networks in Management Scholars’ Productivity Journal of Management

David Noble et al.


We propose a model of knowledge creation, transfer, and adoption based on theories of creativity and social networks. We test our hypotheses using a sample of 119 full professors in management departments at U.S. universities. We examine the effects that two research strategies, coauthoring and working in multiple research fields, have on the number of publications in each of three journal quality tiers during an 8-year period...

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Exploring the role of supervisor trust in the associations between multiple sources of relationship conflict and organizational citizenship behavior The Leadership Quarterly

David Noble et al.


We develop and test a model that builds directly on social exchange theory to predict different roles for supervisor trust in the relationships between organizational citizenship behavior and relationship conflict occurring between supervisors and subordinates and between peers. Specifically, we posit that the association between citizenship behavior and relationship conflict between employees and supervisors is mediated by supervisor trust, while the association between citizenship behaviors and relationship conflict occurring between peers is moderated by supervisor trust. We test our dual role for supervisor trust in a field study of 160 supervisor–employee dyads...

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