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David Owens - University of Delaware. Georgetown, DE, US

David Owens

Extension Specialist - Entomology | University of Delaware


Dr. Owens works with agricultural insect pest management





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David Owens is the UD agricultural entomology extension specialist. He helps manage insect pests in Delaware and works with the Extension team at Carvel. David completed his Master’s degree at Virginia Tech while studying stink bug injury and behavior in soybean fields. Afterwards, he moved to Florida to study insect pest management in sweet corn for his Ph.D. From there, David worked with the USDA studying avocado pests and North Carolina State University studying two spotted spider mite control in fresh market tomatoes. He works with both field and vegetable crop pest management. In addition to conducting efficacy trials this summer, he is active in fields surveying pest and beneficial insect populations and studying pest behavior.

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What’s in a Nest: Scavenger Turns Major Pest in Chicken Houses

Entomology Today  online


It is no secret that anthropogenic systems radically change the dynamics between organisms. Often, organisms need to adapt to human-made systems, but sometimes an organism succeeds with almost no apparent adaptation. The lesser mealworm beetle (Alphitobius diaperinus) is one such organism, an omnivorous scavenger and nest symbiont of several African bird species.

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Owens offers summary of soybean pests in Delaware Ag Month address

The Delmarva Farmer  online


Dr. David Owens, University of Delaware Extension entomologist, offered some “hindsight” on 2021 soybean pests during the soybean session of Delaware Ag Month Jan. 13, giving credit to Dylan Wilkerson and Joe Deidesheimer in his lab for their help.

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How climate change impacts Delaware agriculture

Technically  online


Delaware is growing as an agtech state, and there is no agricultural issue that is more pressing than climate change. But what are the issues that ag-focused technologists should be thinking about? Delaware Public Media’s Sophia Schmidt recently interviewed Emmalea Ernest and David Owens from the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension. The short (about 8 minutes) interview is worth a listen.

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Enlighten Me: First State farmers adapt to new climate ‘norms’

Delaware Public Media  online


Delaware’s climate has gotten warmer and wetter in recent decades. The new climate “normals” the federal government released last week made this clear. And Delaware’s farmers are among the groups working to adapt to the changes. In this week’s Enlighten Me, Delaware Public Media’s Sophia Schmidt talks with Emmalea Ernest and David Owens of the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension about what the First State’s “new normal” means for agriculture.

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Owens delivers recent findings on insect crop pests

The Delmarva Farmer  online


Dr. David Owens, Extension entomologist at the University of Delaware, gave a insect crop pests update during the Agronomy Session of Delaware Ag Week.

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University of Florida: PhD

Virginia Tech: MS

Virginia Tech: BS