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David Ting - Consulate General of Canada (CTA Boston). Cambridge, MA, US

David Ting

CTO | TingThink


David Ting is an expert in technology for IT infrastructures with experience developing digital identity solutions.



David Ting is the CTO of TingThink where he works on technology for IT infrastructures. In 2001 he founded Imprivata and developed the technology behind the OneSign solution used extensively in healthcare. As a director he oversaw the company's evolution from a venture backed startup to a public company and subsequent private acquisition in 2016. David has more than twenty years of experience developing digital identity solutions for government and enterprise environments. A serial entrepreneur, David worked in digital imaging with several venture backed companies as well as running his own software consulting company. At the forefront of new technology, David was responsible at Eastman Kodak's Boston Technology Center for developing the software platform used in digital photography products including Kodak's Photo CD print applications. At Kodak's Atex subsidiary, he managed the development of the first direct to color print system used by US newspapers. David holds B.Eng and M.Eng degrees in Electrical Engineering from McGill University and began his career as a member of the scientific staff at the BNR/INRS Labs in Montreal, a communications research institute operated by Bell-Northern Research, McGill University and the University of Quebec.

In 2016, David was appointed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to the Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force, authorized under the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015. He helped draft the recommendations for securing healthcare in the Cybersecurity Task Force Report submitted to Congress in 2017. David holds twenty-two US patents, with additional pending. He frequently speaks and publishes on authentication and identity management, infrastructure design, secure communications and topics related to healthcare IT resilience. A strong believer in entrepreneurship, David mentors and advises startup groups in the Boston area.

Industry Expertise (3)


Electrical Engineering

Corporate Leadership

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It Infrastructure



Education (2)

McGill University: M.Eng., Electrical Engineering 1976

McGill University: B.Eng., Electrical 1973

Patents (5)

System and method for data and request filtering


Data and data requests of users of applications are filtered using a client-resident agent. A user profile may contain data pertaining to restrictions on content the user is permitted to view or types of requests the user is permitted to make. within one or more applications. Data in the user profile may be used to grant or deny access to applications, filter particular content from the user's view, or filter particular data requests made by the user.

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Systems and methods for multi-factor authentication


Requests to gain access to secure resources are adjudicated according to authentication policies that include rules based on user-states derived from multiple heterogeneous access-control systems. Comprehensive user authentication and access control based on rules and policies that encompass a user's status in multiple access-control systems, including both logical access (e.g., Active Directory, RADIUS, Virtual Private Network, etc.) as well as physical access (e.g., card-based) control systems, may be realized.

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Document management and production system


An object-oriented document management and production system in which documents are represented as collections of logical components, or "objects", that may be combined and physically mapped onto a page-by-page layout. Stored objects are organized, accessed and manipulated through a database management system. At a minimum, objects contain basic information-bearing constituents such as text, image, voice or graphics. Objects may also contain further data specifying appearance characteristics, relationships to other objects, and access restrictions.

Biometric authentication for remote initiation of actions and services


In one aspect, the invention relates to generating a trusted communication channel with a client. An agent module is provided at the client along with a task set including one or more tasks. One or more client components needed to complete each of the tasks of the task set is determined, and it is further determined whether each of the needed client components is trustworthy. An equivalent component for components determined to be untrustworthy may be provided.

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Measuring image characteristics of output from a digital printer


Measuring the printed image characteristics of printed output from a digital printer by sending test pattern data to a digital printer and generating a printed image of the test pattern data. The printed image is scanned, and digital pattern data is output. The digital pattern data is analyzed to generate one or more quantitative ratings with respect to one or more printed image characteristics.

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