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David E. White - Indie Ink Publishing. Saskatoon, SK, CA

David E. White

Consultant | Synergy Solutions

Saskatoon, SK, CANADA

Business Development Strategist



David E. White Publication



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David proposes that in all stages of life you are a leader, for at a minimum, you lead yourself.

With over 20 years of executive leadership experience, David also knows what it is like to be a laborer, salesperson, manager, and consultant – even a musician! He understands the thrill of rapid growth and prosperity, and the pain of downsizing and recession. He has made decisions, decisions have been made for him, and he has persevered through the consequences of both scenarios.

Writing and speaking on subjects related to courage for the road ahead, drawing vulnerably from personal experience, and communicating in a manner that inspires, David facilitates the collaborative development of resilience within organizations, using values-based leadership processes. He empowers his audience to discover clarity and capacity for the fulfillment of their individual and collective missions.

The same philosophies that apply in corporate settings are easily transferable to individuals – David has a lot to offer anyone wanting to navigate uncertainty. His mission is to inspire, encourage and equip people to navigate uncertainty, discover purpose, and experience fulfillment.

Industry Expertise (6)

Professional Training and Coaching


Corporate Training

Corporate Leadership

Business Services

Training and Development

Areas of Expertise (10)

Conflict Resolution

Corporate Financial Mangement

Corporate Sustainability

Organizational Restructuring

Ford Motor Company

Corporate Uncertainty




Managing Change

Accomplishments (4)

Columnist SaskBusiness Magazine (professional)

Exploring corporate culture, promoting values and behaviors alignment for great organization impacts and sustainability!

CEO, TML Foods (professional)

Overall corporate restructure, which included branding, products, distribution channels, finance, employee structures, mission and values.

President, Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre (professional)


Greenfield establishment of new service delivery agency including finance, pilot plant, staffing, programs and partnerships.

VP/General Manager, Drake Meat Processors (professional)


1000% sales growth achieved through new products, markets and distribution channels, employee structures, management information systems, and competitive strategies.

Education (2)

Royal Roads University: Master of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies 2013

Royal Roads University: Masters Certificate, Values-Based Leadership 2012

Affiliations (2)

  • Barrett Value Centre
  • Indie Ink Publishing

Testimonials (3)

Shannon Herbert, CHRP, Human Resources Specialist | PotashCorp

Resilience is one of the most important abilities of our age. Whether you are facing a tough situation, difficult circumstances, or just handling day-to-day challenges, it is essential to focus inward and draw from our best source of strength. David White shares his personal life story and corporate journey and through this authentic and reflective presentation, leaves people both inspired and focused. After hearing what David had to share, our people said "everyone needs to hear this".

Nathan Neufeld, VP Operations | Evergreen Solutions

Working with David White has proven to be invaluable to our organization. His wisdom and insight together with his engaging presentation style enabled our staff to collaboratively land on a corporate identity that will serve us well into the future. David demonstrated a willingness to listen and understand our current corporate culture, and from there he helped us achieve tremendous clarity for change moving forward. His passion for creating a culture of clarity for the success of an organization is contagious, and we highly recommend his services to companies both large and small.

Jennie Avram, Owner | Avram Events

David was evaluated as the top presenter at a 3-day conference I managed. His fascinating experiences, creative and passionate delivery, and deep knowledge of the subject had the audience riveted. And the evaluations clearly indicated that the delegates came away with information that was valuable and useful, making it possible for them to initiate positive change within their own work environments.

Sample Talks (3)

Anxiety’s Antidote: Develop your personal and professional resilience

Surveys show that more than 8 in 10 employed North Americans suffer from job-related stress, suggesting that workers are weary from years of a troubled economy that has brought about longer hours, layoffs and budget cuts. In this presentation, David shares the principles for creating and maintaining your personal and professional career resilience. This upbeat presentation is custom-tailored to your audience, addressing the specific challenges that they are facing, and is supported through proven psychological principles, including those of Viktor Frankl, Auschwitz survivor and world-renowned psychiatrist. This presentation is excellent for those looking to overcome generalized feelings of anxiety in both a personal and professional capacity.

VISION: Generating excitement for great things to come!

We all come to critical decision points in our life. At these crossroads, we may be confronted with options about education, career direction, relationships and more. Life is the outcome of the decisions we make – but we make the decisions largely based on what we see; the vision for our future. Vision leads to passion, and passion elevates the appetite for discipline and calculated risks, moving us forward. In this presentation, David provides the foundational values-based principles for career (& life!) decision-making, specifically relevant adults entertaining (or being forced to consider) mid-life career re-invention, and graduates entering the workforce.

ONE TEAM: Corporate resilience – with profitable growth for all!

“[David’s book] Resilience describes the importance of having a compelling vision and working together to serve customers and create a profitably growing company. Thank you, David, for telling the Ford story!” – Alan Mulally, President and CEO, Ford Motor Company In this presentation, David explains the principles of achieving high performance workplace cultures. Does the following statement sound too good to be true? “Our environment is safe and accountable, we deal positively with our business realities, and we enjoy the journey and each other. Our expected behaviors drive functional and technical excellence, process discipline and continuous improvement – all resulting in better (products & services) for our customers, a strengthened balance sheet and profitable growth for all.” This is the experience of Ford Motor Company as relayed by Alan Mulally, President and CEO, and David can break down their strategy for success into a personalized action plan for your company. This material is especially designed for those who have the responsibility or opportunity to establish, transform or maintain workplace cultures as leaders.



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2500 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee