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Dawn Larsen - EFT Success Principles. Sudbury, ON, CA

Dawn Larsen

EFT Adv Practioner | EFT Success Principles

Sudbury, ON, CANADA

Emotional Freedome Technique - EFT - Helping you Get from Where You Are Now to Where You Want to Be

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EFT - Emotiona Freedom Technique - Using EFT to Attract Abundance in Your Life

Have you been:  Wanting more financial abundance?  Searching for more spiritual fulfillment?  Looking for deeper friendships and love relationships?  Hoping for more vibrant health and a stronger body?  Asking for unlimited prosperity? Using EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniquewill help you attract personal and professional success and live a prosperous life full of love, passion, joy and gratitude. There is plenty ? more than enough for everyone ? and you deserve to have all that you want while you enjoy every minute of your life. In this seminar, you are about to embark on a wonderful journey using your mind as a magnet to attract more abundance into your life. into your life