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Debora Schuch da Rosa Debora Schuch da Rosa

CEO | StarAmbients

Paris Area, France, Ille de France, FRANCE

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Debora Schuch da Rosa got her university and master degrees in Data Processing Technology and Computer Science, respectively, at the south of Brazil. Before that, let's relax and be a bit more informal, telling you about two interesting facts it would be nice for you to know about her: at age of 5 she asked to her mother to move from the kindergarten in the middle of the scholastic year, and she got it! at 11 years old she received a recognition as best seller of a beauty company she represented (11!, yeah! precocious, one would say. At 22 years old she started a career as Assistant Professor Informatics. already with a master degree in hands. She made an unbelievable move (when she doesn't?), Worked on Model driven engineering, OMG standards, metamodeling and, specially, on automatic language transformations for performing exact static analysis. She had acquired her PhD degree of science at the Department of Information and Communication Technology, at the University of Trento, Italy, where she also has developed as research fellow. She has been invited by two research groups for carrying out missions of study - held in the fields conceptual modeling for Systems Biology and experimental Biology - which very much contributed for her involvement in interdisciplinarity. Her research covers
(a) the definition of a methodology for programming in a formal language for static analyzing mobile and concurrent systems, by defining an ambient calculus named Star Ambients,
(b) the application of static analysis on Star Ambients codes for tracing molecular interactions, an alternative technique for avoiding simulations,
(c) the development of a metamodel framework for Systems Biology, based on model driven architecture, at Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris, a CNRS and University Pierre Marie Curie unit, in France and
(d) the study of viability of her domain of expertise in real biological problems at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, in Germany.
After three years living like an hermit, she got back to social life again to revolutionize the world for the good, talking about what excites her most at the moment (well, ask her presence and you will know it when she arrives at your event). Those long years in meditation helped her even to read minds. Debora has a friend who can testimony she guessed his password. Be open mind, she just picks up what you allow.

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Static Analysis

Web-Services Orchestration


Education (6)

LORIA - Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications:

Università degli Studi di Trento: PhD on Information and Communication Technologies, Global Computing, Formal languages, Systems Biology, Static Analysis 2007

Thesis titled "Modeling and Static Analysis of Complex Biological Systems", 2007. Thesis director: Corrado Priami (UNITN). Thesis co-director: Magali Roux-Rouquié (CNRS). After our work, together with the Bioinformatics team, Microsoft Research opened its second centre in Europe, after Cambridge. Trento is a city in the north of Italy, where an International School on ICT is situated. Many international renowned professors are there (or go there for a while) and its level of research production

Colégio São José: QtT, Teaching Qualification 1991

Expert in alphabetization of heterogeneous groups.

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul: Ms.C., Theoretical Computer Science 1997

Dissertation titled “Average Case Complexity: a methodology for its calculation”, 1997. Master thesis director: Laira Vieira Toscani (UFRGS).

Escola Estadual Cassiano do Nascimento:

Universidade Católica de Pelotas: Bs.C., Informatics 1993

Monograph: "SISEPE: Sistema Estatístico para Ensino e Pesquisa" (in Portuguese). Directors: Graçaliz Pereira Dimuro, Ricardo Cava and Paulo Roberto Gomes Luzzardi.

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  • E-learning Brazil
  • CSTA
  • XING Business Network
  • ACM
  • MilanIn
  • Math genealogy
  • Neal's Yard Remedies Organics