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Denise Cavassa, CMA - New York City, NY, US

Denise Cavassa, CMA Denise Cavassa, CMA


Therapeutic Movement, Health, Wellness and Fitness Expert



Denise Cavassa, CMA, creator of and Ballercize-tm techniques, is a highly trained professional who evaluates movement in terms of your dynamics to suggest options to enhance control and improve function. She created BodyKnowledge-tm techniques to teach you "to use your body the way it is designed for movement with maximum results and minimal effort."

Denise trains you so that your everyday movements will support and maintain your fitness results and goals by "re-patterning your movements for maximum efficiency." "FUN, FEEL-GOOD, EASE AND SAFETY" are key words in Denise's philosophy and practice as she specializes all of her classes, workshops and clients' programs to be efficient in time and total-body- conditioning.
Denise believes that health & fitness should be an enjoyable lifestyle, not a torturous chore, which is why she does not create "work-out" programs. She believes that body maintenance programs are "rituals of self-love" and designed her BodyKnowledge-tm techniques to be total body "conditioners" which feel great, are safe, fun and easy-to-do, "body educational," time and movement efficient, and empower you to stay motivated and inspired. She designs each BodyKnowledge-tm program to meet your personal likes and needs for "total fitness: the balance of body, mind and spirit."

Denise works with people who are: i) of all ages and fitness levels (including children and seniors); ii) athletes, dancers, singers, actors and musicians to improve performance and relieve vocational discomforts; iii) rehabilitating from injuries; iv) avid sports and fitness enthusiasts to take work-outs beyond levels achieved with common fitness options; and v) people with physical challenges to improve muscle and movement function.

She also conducts and coordinates corporate fitness, occupational stress relief programs, and workshops and staff training sessions at many prestigious health & fitness institutions, including Canyon Ranch-The Berkshires and The Sports Training Institute, NYC. Denise is a fitness model/spokesperson, contributes articles on health/fitness and beauty to various publications, and is the author of "BodyKnowledge-tm Basics: A Body Owner's Manual." As well as working on her own BodyKnowledge-tm and Ballercizet-m Video Series, she consults for health, fitness and sports training projects.

Denise believes that through Love all things are possible and that if we're more comfortable in our bodies, we can achieve global cooperation

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