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Diann Margott Santiago

Head, Marketing & Promotions | Michael Jackson Filipino Fans Club Worldwide

Makati, Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES

President at Michael Jackson Filipino Fans Club Worldwide



It is always my goal to be at the best of my ability, to be at all to my fullest, and still stay grounded. I see myself as a woman who never stops working, even though it is in a completely different field.

I am a registered nurse, but I don't work as that because of not having that opportunity to gain the experience that I need that would help me go to another level. I don't want to lose hopes in going back to my field, so I pursued my Masters Degree for Nursing. I am already on my thesis, so I'm almost done, and by the time I graduate, I'll have a better sense of myself and in nursing.

Before I pursued my Masters, I went on a vacation in Los Angeles in 2010. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan, and while I was in L.A., I met wonderful people like some of his immediate friends, and fans in and around the world. I did a part of a great journey in discovering Michael, and this struck me, a fan told me, 'Why not make an MJ Fan Club that the Filipino MJ fans can go to, at the same time, the world?' So I did, and on May 5th of that year, I made a fan club on Facebook.

Since I pursued my Masters, it came on hold for almost a year, and last July of 2011, I put the club on full force as I join the non-profit organization Thrill The World-Philippines. Michael Jackson Filipino Fans Club Worldwide is now a full-pledged working fan club and also a SEC-registered non-profit organization which not only focuses on Michael's legacy and truth, but also helps people on all walks of life to rise from their depths again.

I ask all of my connections to support MJFCWorldwide. It will be a great deal for the country in not just continuing Michael's legacy, but through him, a lot will be revealed, the fan's talents, abilities, and most of all, this will help the country for a better tomorrow. With MJFCWorldwide, it's more fun in the Philippines WORLDWIDE!

Affiliations (3)

  • K.I.D.S. Foundation
  • Philippine Toy Library
  • Thrill The World-Philippines