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D. Julian McClements - University of Massachusetts Amherst. Amherst, MA, US

D. Julian McClements D. Julian McClements

Distinguished Professor, Food Science | University of Massachusetts Amherst


David Julian Research studies food architecture, examining the molecular organization of food in an attempt to increase it more nutritious

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Food Architecture

Food Nanotechnology

Food Science


David Julian McClements has been sought after to answer pressing questions about the future of the food we eat, including: How does sound and color impact taste? Will we all have 3D food printers in all our homes? Should nanotechnology and gene editing be used to enhance our foods? Are these new technologies safe?

His research has delved into designing functional foods at the nanoscale level that are fortified with probiotics or nutraceuticals, which are the parts of food with medical benefits.


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David Julian McClements Discusses Food Architecture David Julian McClements of UMass Amherst on Future Foods


Education (1)

University of Leeds: Ph.D., Food Science

Press Coverage (4)

UMass-Amherst professor researching expanded plant-based food choices

MassLive  online


University of Massachusetts Amherst Professor Julian McClements is working on research to expand the variety of tasty, nutritious plant-based products that provide protein and other ingredients necessary for a healthy diet.

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Designing healthier foods — particle by particle: UMass scientist works at the nanoscale to fortify foods with vitamins and probiotics

Daily Hampshire Gazette  print


“We use nanotechnology to try to increase the viability of vitamins A, D and E or other healthy ingredients in food, like carrots and peppers, that often have low viability,” McClements said in a recent interview. “Only a little gets absorbed by the human body and we are trying to design food matrix to increase the amount absorbed by the body.”

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In Defense Of Processed Foods: Scientist Says Tech Helps Solve Global Food Dilemmas

New England Public Radio  radio


There's a lot of debate about the safety and value of food that's been processed, from genetic modification to nutritional enhancement. UMass Amherst food scientist Julian McClements often wades right into the middle of those debates.

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Fat Water Is Now a Thing

Time Magazine  print


We asked David Julian McClements, professor in the department of food science at University of Massachusetts Amherst, who says he makes his own fat-infused emulsions all the time for research. Adding drops of oil to water infused with supplements like beta carotene, he’s found, helps your body make use of those nutrients. But improved hydration is not one of the established benefits of MCT emulsions like these, McClements says.

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Publications (1)

Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat (BOOK)


David Julian McClements


We are in the midst of an unprecedented era of rapid scientific and technological advances that are transforming the way our foods are produced and consumed.

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