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David Julian McClements - University of Massachusetts Amherst. Amherst, MA, US

David Julian McClements

Distinguished Professor of Food Science | University of Massachusetts Amherst


D. Julian McClements is the most highly cited food scientist in the world, known for his leading research on plant-based food.

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Plant-based Food

Food Science

Food Nanotechnology

Food Architecture


David Julian McClements has been sought after to answer pressing questions about the future of the food we eat, especially in the growing area of plant-based alternative proteins.

He is the author of the 2023 book, "Meat Less: The Next Food Revolution," a follow-up to "Next-Generation Plant-based Foods: Design, Production, and Properties" and "Future Foods."

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How modern science is turning our foods into medicines | David Julian McClements | TEDxAmherst David Julian McClements Discusses Food Architecture Sept. 4, 2019 David Julian McClements of UMass Amherst on Future Foods


Education (2)

University of Leeds: Ph.D., Food Science

University of Leeds: Bachelor of Science, Food Science

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A look at the top science stories and breakthroughs of 2023

PBS Newshour  tv


Julian McClements, distinguished professor of food science at UMass Amherst, says lab-grown meat, which received FDA approval in 2023, “has potential to create a more healthy, sustainable and ethical food supply.” McClements’ comments are in an article on the top science breakthroughs of 2023.

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Vegan cheese made from fermented peas could taste more like dairy

https://www.newscientist.com/article/2398691-vegan-cheese-made-from-fermented-peas-could-taste-more-like-dairy/  online


Food scientist David Julian McClements of UMass Amherset comments in an article about vegan cheese made from fermented peas that may taste more like dairy cheese.

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Plant-Based Meat Challenges, Quality Pet Food Demand, Sensory Tech Toolkit

Institute of Food Technologists  online


UMass Distinguished Professor Julian McClements shares insight into the state-of-the-science when it comes to developing meat analogues that will resonate with consumers.

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How sustainable are fake meats?

Knowable Magazine  online


Professor David Julian McClements discusses his work to create realistic textures in plant-based meat substitutes in a story examining efforts to make products like Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat not only taste and feel like the real thing but also have far lighter environmental footprints.

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Stress-testing sausages may give vegan products a meat-like mouthfeel

NewScientist  online


David Julian McClements comments on how stress-testing sausages may help make eating vegan products feel more like eating meat.

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Massachusetts' food scientists work to improve the texture of meat alternatives



UMass Amherst's David Julian McClements says it's critical that we create a sustainable food supply because the global population is growing and we have to feed all these people without damaging the planet for future generations

david julian mcclements on WCVB Chronicle

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Have We Reached Peak Plant Milk? Not Even Close.

The New York Times  online


David Julian McClements says plant-based foods are “a really hot topic at the moment,” says McClements, whose research in the last five years has focused entirely on plant-based foods “because that is one of the main trends in the food industry at the moment for sustainability, ethical and health reasons.”

new york times

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Why plant-based doesn’t necessarily mean healthy

New Food magazine  online


Distinguished Professor David Julian McClements is the author of a paper in the new Nature journal, “Science of Food,” that explores how food scientists are focusing on ways to create healthier, better-tasting and more sustainable plant-based protein products that mimic meat, fish, milk, cheese and eggs.

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Scientists Take Their Shot At Making Plant-Based Meat Tastier

Forbes  online


"A lot of academics are starting to work in this area and are not familiar with the complexity of animal products and the physicochemical principles you need in order to assemble plant-based ingredients into these products, each with their own physical, functional, nutritional and sensory attributes" says food scientist David Julian McClements, UMass Amherst Distinguished Professor and lead author of a paper in the new Nature journal, Science of Food, that explores the topic.

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Select Publications (3)

Meat Less: The Next Food Revolution (Book)


David Julian McClements


David Julian McClements writes, "In Meat Less: The Next Food Revolution I outline my own journey as a food scientist who became a vegetarian in solidarity with my daughter. In writing this book I take the viewpoint that there are no easy answers and that everyone must make the decision to eat meat or not based on their own values."

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Next-Generation Plant-based Foods: Design, Production, and Properties (Book)


David Julian McClements and Lutz Grossmann


Next-Generation Plant-based Foods: Design, Production and Properties presents the science and technology behind the design, production, and utilization of plant-based foods.

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Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat (BOOK)


David Julian McClements


We are in the midst of an unprecedented era of rapid scientific and technological advances that are transforming the way our foods are produced and consumed.

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