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Don Dingee - Left2MyOwnDevices. Chandler, AZ, US

Don Dingee

Chief Story Officer | Left2MyOwnDevices


Explorer on the IoT



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I'm Don, and I'm an explorer on the Internet of Things, writing and speaking at the confluence of embedded, mobile, sensing, wireless, and social technology.

With in-depth background in engineering, product marketing, web development, and content strategy, I offer strategic marketing services for clients including market and competitive analysis, roadmapping, positioning, white papers, channels training, and digital strategy including social media outreach.

My current writing is on display at, where I contribute several original pieces each month. As an experienced voice on the IoT, I'm available for speaking engagements, contributed editorial and guest blogging, interviews, panel and webcast moderator roles, conference programming, and more.

I hold an MSEE from the University of Southern California and a BSEE from Cal Poly Pomona.

Industry Expertise (10)

Industrial Automation

Market Research

Consumer Electronics

Management Consulting


Public Relations and Communications

Media - Online

Computer Hardware

Information Technology and Services


Areas of Expertise (9)




Internet of Things


Mems Sensors

Embedded Computing

Wireless Sensor Networks

Mobile Devices

Accomplishments (1)

Freescale Smart Mobile Device Pundit (professional)


Recognized as industry commentator on mobile device technology

Education (2)

Cal Poly Pomona: Bachelors of Science, Electronic Engineering 1985

emphasis in analog signal processing

University of Southern California: Masters of Science, Electronic Engineering 1989

emphasis in digital communication technology

Testimonials (1)

Andy Eckles, Strategic Marketing | Arrow

There are several traits Don has that I have admired over the years. His public speaking skills stand out the most for me. Don has the ability to cover complex subject matter and gets his message across to small as well as large diverse groups. He has a thoughtful approach understanding his audience and delivers succinct and well researched relevant topics. I look forward to working with Don again and hearing him address my customers and sales channel again.

Event Appearances (3)


Smart Grid Security Summit West  San Diego, CA



eHealth Virtual Conference  online



Wind River Multicore Regional Conference  Boston, MA


Sample Talks (3)

Fewer requirements, more IoT data standards

The formal standards process has become slower than molasses in January – so much so that many open source types want to skip it, preferring specification-by-implementation. Being a first-mover can have dire consequences down the road, when higher level data interchange standards develop for the IoT and invalidate early efforts. Even Facebook has recognized too much API disruption is bad for business. How do we strike a balance between the pace of innovation and the need for interoperability?

Revisiting “computerless” and IoT chip demand

The 1991 article "The Computerless Computer Company" in the Harvard Business Review correctly predicted the shift in computing away from big iron to the mix of software, mobile, and cloud we have today. For the IoT, "chipless" doesn't work - but the industry, even with all the fabless and IP technology out there, isn't ready to produce the types and volumes of parts needed, profitably. How do we fill the coming chip gap?

I want to be the storyteller

Storytelling is essential to our understanding of concepts, our personal well-being, and our connection to others. It is an underappreciated skill, until a story makes a timely and profound impact at exactly the right moment in time. I share a story about one such storyteller among a group of stranded travellers, with three stories-within-a-story about preparedness, acceptance, and overcoming difficult challenges.



  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Author Appearance
  • Corporate Training


1000 to 4000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee

Patents (1)

Bidirectional data interface for a processor embedded in a self-propelled vehicle



In a self-propelled vehicle such as a shoulder-fired missile, a bidirectional data interface between a missile processor and an external apparatus includes a pair of function signal paths which extend partly outside the missile. A first component of the interface uses one of the signal paths to couple reprogramming information to the missile processor in response to a prompt from the processor. A second component of the interface responds to a periodic signal on the second signal path to receive missile processor data which the missile processor connects to the first signal path in synchronism with the periodic signal

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