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Don Holbrook - Author and Keynote Speaker. Las Vegas, Nevada Area, NV, US

Don Holbrook

The Next America: Moving Beyond a Fragile Economy | Author and Keynote Speaker

Las Vegas, Nevada Area, NV, UNITED STATES

Author/Keynote Speaker/Public Policy Business Incentives-Site Location Consultant





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My professional consulting practice consists of private sector and public sector clients. On the private sector side we assist businesses in need of capitalization for their operations and/or those in search of a new location for relocation or expansion for new business opportunities and market expansion. We discover the most advantageous business climate and location, recommend the short-list of possible facilities or sites, and negotiate public incentives and inducements that lower the upfront costs of such investments and increase the equity and thus ROI to the ownership. This is achieved by creating the appropriate public-private partnership that creates the most advantageous business climate for the investors taking the risk.

We also work with public sector clients such as communities to recommend the creation of incentive and capitalization strategies and tools that will increase their ability to attract investment into their locales. Our focus is on deals that create quality jobs, significant investment and improve the quality of life for residents of our community clients. Typically this helps the community's economic development organization diversify their economy and improve their outcomes to their communities. We assist in creating conceptual catalyst projects that can achieve their economic development expectations and design the business case to attract such opportunities to our client communities. We can assist EDO's in vetting developers, operators and investors in such concepts. We specialize in destination tourism projects that create branding value, additional jobs & tax base and greater economic impact than many more traditional economic development projects.

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Capital Markets

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Public Speaking

Site Location

Public Incentive Negotiations

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In 2012 Mr. Holbrook was paid for over 100 professional speaking engagements that led to thousands of people making better life choices and improved their attitude and opinion of the resurgence of our economic will to put our nation, communities, families and personal lives back on track.

Education (6)

Wright State University: BA/BS, Urban & Economic Geography & Environmental Studies 1982

Oklahoma State University: Economic Development Institute 1992

wrote my thesis on the use of the internet for economic development purposes, which led to the first online economic development network and community profile system with buildings and sites profiles.

University of Kentucky: certificate, Economic Development Basic Course 1991

Required initial training prior to entering the Economic Development Institute of OU/IUPUI

University of Phoenix: MBA, Technology Management 2004

Wright State University : BA/BS Interdisciplinary dual degree, Dual Major- Economic Urban Geography / Environmental Studies 1982

Highly focused on the cultural impact of economics or geographic locations and a strong background in understanding environmental sustainable practices and their affordable use in new green field business real estate development and brownfield mitigation issues for redevelopment real estate projects.

University of Phoenix: MBA, Business Administration 2004

Focused on business and finance from a technology management perspective so that new technologies can allow businesses to better assess their financial data, business case modeling and business decision making processes from the stand point of ROI, ROE and IRR on new investments to improve profits and shareholder value.

Affiliations (2)

  • Board Member- International Economic Development Council
  • Board Member- CDC Small Business Finance Corp.

Testimonials (4)

Jeff Finkle, President/CEO | International Economic Development Council

“Don is one of the most innovative people in the economic development profession. His leadership in technology thought and the amount of writing that he has done in the field of economic development is impressive. He is always thinking outside of the box and providing thought leadership in a number of areas of the endeavor of economic development. I learn from him constantly.”

Richard Walker, Executive Officer | Economic Development Australia

“Don’s presentations were insightful on the roles that local leaders, governments, business and economic development professionals need to undertake to ensure a focussed mindset for achievement. Don’s vast experience combined with his frank insight on his belief of where economic development is heading in his own country, the United States of America were candid and timely as Australian Economic Developers look beyond their shores. The value Don provided was not just in his presentations but his willingness to engage with attendees at the Conference. This will undoubtedly lead to greater sharing of knowledge and cooperation at a global level for economic development. Don’s enthusiasm and valuable contribution was Awesome!

Dale Wheldon, Executive Director | Economic Development Association of British Columbia

“Don was our keynote speaker at our joint Economic Developers Association of British Columbia and Economic Developers Association of Canada Annual Meeting. His charming personality and strategic wit with regard to the direction of the global economy was exceptionally well received by our audience. He was engaging and available during our event and spoke to our attendees very freely afterwards. His speaker review was given our highest marks. The audience really appreciated the book signing event afterwards and we felt it was a great tool to build our attendance by giving away a copy of his book. He was a brilliant conversationalist and everyone enjoyed him immensely.”

Roger Hopkins, President/CEO | Choose Dupage County

Don was our keynote speaker and at the kick-off of our new organization, Choose Dupage our new economic development organization for Suburban Chicago. He was a dynamic and motivating speaker. His charisma and wit kept our packed house audience engaged and compelled them to financially commit to supporting us in our new public-private partnership. I would definitely recommend Don for anyone who wants to challenge your audience to kick in and make a difference in building a strong and vibrant local economy in these difficult economic times. In addition, did a break out session for our local economic developers on The Art of the Deal Today, and it was a fantastic add on to our event. His economic analysis gave us a spectacular event.

Event Appearances (1)

The Art of the Deal Today

Economic Development Australia Annual Conference  Sydney Australia


Sample Talks (1)

The Art of the Deal Today

A candid discussion about how communities using public-private partnership concepts can attract and assist in the capitalization of new business investment into their local economies.



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