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Don Platt, Ph.D. - Florida Tech. Melbourne, FL, US

Don Platt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor | Director of the Spaceport Education Center | Florida Tech


Dr. Platt's work has involved developing, testing and flying different types of avionics, communications and rocket propulsion systems.


Areas of Expertise (6)

Space Systems

Rocket Propulsion Systems

Deep Space Exploration

Satellite Design




Dr. Don Platt's work has involved developing, testing and flying different types of avionics, communications, rocket propulsion systems as well as astrobiology/biotechnology systems and human deep space exploration tools. He is familiar with NASA design and engineering processes such as 7150.2A and 7120.5.

Key areas of focus include human space exploration and the adaptation to deep space exploration, high performance small satellite systems and ways to utilize both human and satellite constellations as we move forward. These small satellite systems can also be used to solve research problems of interest in guidance navigation and control, astrodynamics, propulsion, optics, advanced materials and more.

Dr. Platt is also owner of Micro Aerospace Solutions, which conducts R&D and development of advanced systems for small satellites as well as other high-tech industries such as biotech, asset tracking, auto racing and military.

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Media Appearances (5)

NASA reschedules Artemis 1 launch to Saturday

UPI  print


"The cooling liquid was not flowing into the engine and so it's most likely some sort of valve problem. It really depends on how well they can get to that part of the engine while still on the pad," Don Platt with Florida Tech said.

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What Russia's threat to pull out of the ISS might mean for NASA

Florida Today  print


Don Platt, an associate professor at Florida Tech who specializes in space systems and a former Boeing space employee, agreed that Russia's actions aren't backing up their claims. But it's also a reminder that serious planning needs to go into spinning down the aging ISS. "(Russia) has had a lot of plans through the years for all sorts of space missions and new projects and I've yet to see a single one of them actually make it to completion," Platt said. "But it shows us that we do need to be thinking about the endgame for the space station."

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NASA reconnects with Capstone spacecraft en route to find new pathway to the moon

WFTV  tv


Before the next NASA astronauts launch to the moon, NASA is testing a lunar orbit that’s never been flown before. The Capstone mission is underway and is planned to serve as a “pathfinder” for NASA’s moon Gateway space station. Florida Tech's Don Platt offers insight.

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Astra's failed rocket launch reminds us spaceflight can be difficult

WESH  tv


But there was a malfunction with the second stage, near the same point of a failure in Astra’s February launch. That’s when an issue arose with the fairing covers sending the payload into a spin, burning up in the atmosphere. “They are both involving the second stage, but I think they are involving different issues,” said Don Platt of Florida Tech.

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Polaris program will launch from the Space Coast

Spectrum News 13  tv


​The new Polaris Program will launch from our Space Coast with the goal of raising funds and awareness for causes here on Earth. They will consist of three human spaceflight mission, demonstrating new technologies and performing research – leading to the first flight of SpaceX's crewed Starship mission. "It's quite ambitious, and it's interesting to see the technology and experiments they are going to conduct on these missions," says Don Platt, Florida Tech Director, Spaceport Education Center.

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Education (3)

Florida Institute of Technology: Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering 2013

Florida Institute of Technology: M.S., Space Systems 1997

Western Connecticut State University: B.A., Physics, Astronomy 1989


Selected Articles (3)

Participatory Design of a Cooperative Exploration Mediation Tool for Human Deep Space Risk Mitigation

International Conference on Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics


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Design and Evaluation of an Exploration Assistant for Human Deep Space Risk Mitigation

IFAC Proceedings Volumes


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A Situation Awareness Assistant for Human Deep Space Exploration

HCI International Conference


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