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Don Power - QR Estates. Nanaimo, BC, CA

Don Power Don Power

Social Media Consultant and Professional Speaker | QR Estates

Nanaimo, BC, CANADA

Red pill or blue pill? Navigate the confusing matrix of social media with the connected Managing Editor of Sprout Social Insights





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Don Power is a marketing consultant specializing in using promotional videos, social media and traditional marketing tactics to build your brand, drive traffic to your website and grow your business.

Don thinks in Tweets. Where others may see Twitter like the Matrix—complex, illusory, confusing—he sees opportunity.

For the past several years, Don has been showing people and businesses how to use Twitter (and social media in general) to connect with experts, build one's reputation, perform competitive intelligence, and generate sales.

Don lives and breathes Social Media as Managing Editor and writer for Sprout Social "Insights" blog and owner of his own Social Media Consulting company.

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Hey! Thanks for clicking through to find out more about me.

A couple of years ago, after a varied 20 year career in Information Technology, I decided to pay attention to the emerging ‘Social Internet’…

I’ve been involved in the technology, in one form or another, for 20 years now and in that time I’ve seen a lot of changes. But one thing that has REALLY changed is the power of using Social Media to connect with your target audience as a person first and a business second.

People want to do business with people they trust and an engaging social media presence is one of the best ways to build that trust with a LOT of people at the same time…

Whatever brought you here, I’m happy and appreciate your visit!



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Social Media


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Social Media for Business

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Social Media Strategies and Tactics for Realtors

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Twitter & Social Media Strategies

Advanced Social Media Strategies and Tactics

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Managing Editor – Sprout Social Insights (professional)

Sprout Insights is an online resource for small business owners, marketers, and others looking to learn about reaching audiences and customers with new social media tools. You’ll find three kinds of articles at Sprout Insights: day-to-day coverage of new developments and changes in social web tools that you can use to reach customers; guides to the basics & best approaches for those tools; first-hand accounts of how businesses have built better relationships with customers, clients, and fans.

Social Media Consultant and Professional Speaker (professional)

I create promotional videos provide marketing consulting and social media speaking services that help build your brand, drive traffic to your website and grow your business. I can help you with your blog, or help you get a handle on how to harness this shiny new thing called ‘social media’. But most importantly, I’m here to share my thoughts, ideas, observations, and hopefully conversations—with you—another social media explorer trying to make sense of it all.

Education (1)

Memorial University of Newfoundland : Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy and Business Administration 1991

Event Appearances (8)

Maximizing Twitter

Social Media Camp  Nanaimo, British Columbia


Not for Newbies: 6 Advanced Social Media Tips & Tricks to Add to Your Social Media Toolbelt

Social Media Camp - Pro Sessions  Victoria, British Columbia


How to Use Social Media to Recruit Employees, Find a Job, or Change Careers

Job Options Program - Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society  Nanaimo, British Columbia


How Realtors Can Use Social Media to Build Community

Coast Realty Group Spring Fling  Parksville, British Columbia


Emerging Social Media Trends for Realtors

Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board - AGM  Vernon, British Columbia


Introduction to Twitter

Oceanside Volunteer Association Speaker Series  Parksville, British Columbia


How to Leverage Twitter for Business

Social Media Camp Workshop  Nanaimo, British Columbia


How to Use Twitter as a Referral Engine

Social Media Camp  Victoria, British Columbia


Sample Talks (4)

Maximizing Twitter

Twitter is an excellent tool for expanding your network and connecting with customers. Learn strategies to find and connect with customers and prospects, and effectively promote your business.

Why Results-Oriented Social Media Marketing Is the Future

In the online marketing world, things change very quickly. Yet social media has been around long enough now it’s no longer considered an interesting novelty for many businesses. It’s valuable, effective, and here to stay. If you've simply been participating in social media, get ahead of your competition by employing results oriented social media marketing.

3 Ways to Use Pinterest to Find a Job or Change Careers

You might be wondering what Pinterest, with its visually-based pins and pinboards, could possibly have to do with finding a job or changing careers. Pinterest is a social media platform that simply can’t be overlooked in any comprehensive social media marketing strategy — including your job search. Here are three ways that you can use Pinterest's unique qualities and its current popularity to help you find a job or change careers.

Creative Ways Educators Use Facebook

Facebook is now the largest social network on the planet. Because of its massive scale, connecting over 800 million people on a single platform, many educators have found creative ways to leverage Facebook’s social aspects and global reach to create a very powerful teaching tool. This workshop will examine the creative ways educators are using Facebook, and offer some practical methods of incorporating the techniques into your classroom.


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