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Donald F. Kuratko (Dr. K) - Indiana University, Kelley School of Business. Bloomington, IN, US

Donald F. Kuratko (Dr. K) Donald F. Kuratko (Dr. K)

Jack M. Gill Chair of Entrepreneurship | Indiana University, Kelley School of Business

Bloomington, IN, UNITED STATES

Dr. Kuratko (Dr. K) is a prominent scholar and leader in entrepreneurship and corporate innovation authoring over 200 articles and 30 books.

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  • Professor of Entrepreneurship
  • Executive & Academic Director of JCEI
  • Director Entrepreneurial Innovation Academy



Donald F. Kuratko (Dr. K) Publication Donald F. Kuratko (Dr. K) Publication Donald F. Kuratko (Dr. K) Publication Donald F. Kuratko (Dr. K) Publication Donald F. Kuratko (Dr. K) Publication Donald F. Kuratko (Dr. K) Publication



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Interview with Don Kuratko USASBE 2009 Keynote Donald Kuratko NBIA2015 Dr  Donald Kuratko Indiana Univ Momentum Launch Issue: Unleashing Innovation



Dr. Donald F. Kuratko (known as “Dr. K”) is a prominent scholar and national leader in the field of entrepreneurship authoring or co- authoring over 200 articles on aspects of entrepreneurship and corporate innovation in journals such as Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Management Studies, Small Business Economics, Journal of Business Ethics, and Family Business Review. Professor Kuratko has authored 30 books, including one of the leading entrepreneurship books in the world today, Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process, Practice, 11th ed. (2020), as well as New Venture Management (2021) and Corporate Innovation (2019). In addition, Dr. Kuratko has been consultant on Corporate Innovation to a number of major Fortune 500 corporations and he was the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC). Dr. Kuratko was selected one of the Top Entrepreneurship Professors in the USA by Fortune magazine. Professor Kuratko has been named one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurship Scholars in the world and was the recipient of the Riata Distinguished Entrepreneurship Scholar Award. In 2011 he was the inaugural recipient of the Karl Vesper Entrepreneurship Pioneer Award for his career dedication to developing the field of entrepreneurship. The National Academy of Management honored Professor Kuratko with the Entrepreneurship Advocate Award and the Entrepreneurship Mentor Award for his contributions to the development and advancement of the discipline of entrepreneurship. In addition, he was named the National Outstanding Entrepreneurship Educator by the U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship as well as being honored with the John E. Hughes Entrepreneurial Advocacy Award for his career advocacy in entrepreneurship. Under Dr. Kuratko’s leadership Indiana University’s Entrepreneurship Program has been consistently ranked the #1 Business School for Entrepreneurship Research by the World Rankings for Entrepreneurship Productivity and by a longitudinal journal study; as well as the #1 Graduate Business School and the #1 Undergraduate Business School for Entrepreneurship (among Public Institutions) by U.S. News & World Report and Fortune Magazine.

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Business Services

Corporate Leadership



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Corporate Innovation

Accomplishments (5)

Entrepreneurship Mentor Award (professional)

2014 Awarded by The National Academy of Management.

Karl Vesper Entrepreneurship Pioneer Award (professional)

2011 The Karl Vesper Pioneer Award winner is selected annually by a committee of distinguished entrepreneurship faculty, and includes all the former winners.

The Riata Distinguished Entrepreneurship Scholar Award (professional)

2010 The national award originated at Syracuse University and now is presented at Oklahoma State University's School of Entrepreneurship to recognize the research contributions of an outstanding scholar in the field of entrepreneurship.

The John E. Hughes Entrepreneurial Advocacy Award (professional)

2007 The Award was instituted on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the founding of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE). This award is presented in recognition of a lifetime in entrepreneurial achievement that encompasses the ideals of entrepreneurial activity ...

Entrepreneurship Advocate Award (professional)

Awarded by The National Academy of Management.

Media Appearances (5)

CEO of Failed Company on What Went Wrong

Inside Indiana Business  online


Indiana University Jack M. Gill Distinguished Chair of Entrepreneurship Donald "Dr. K" Kuratko says there are "3 R's" for entrepreneurs working their way back from a failed venture ...

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Begley: ‘Intrapreneuring’ within a corporation

Dallas Local News  online


Donald Kuratko and Richard Hodgetts, nationally known researchers on small business, include an entire chapter on intrapreneurship in their textbook “Entrepreneurship: A Contemporary Approach" ...

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Can innovation be taught? Yep, say professors

Indianapolis Business Journal  online


“Innovation is becoming the mantra of this century,” said Donald F. Kuratko ...

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'You Can't Teach Entrepreneurship'

Forbes  online


Here is the perspective of Don Kuratko from Indiana University’s Kelly School ...

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Google Took Its 20% Back, But Other Companies Are Making Employee Side Projects Work For Them

Fast Company  online


"Once employees do come up with something, there needs to be a place in the company to take any next steps. That’s where we are today with corporate innovation," says Indiana University business professor Donald F. Kuratko ...

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Articles (8)

Unraveling the entrepreneurial mindset

Small Business Economics

2020 Scholars have examined various aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset, which have provided insights into its attributes, qualities, and operations. However, the different perspectives have led to a diverse array of definitions. With the array of differing definitions, there arises the need to better understand the concept of an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Entrepreneurial Hustle: Navigating Uncertainty and Enrolling Venture Stakeholders through Urgent and Unorthodox Action

Journal of Management Studies

2020 Entrepreneurs need to act under conditions of uncertainty and resource constraints to bring new, often‐unrecognizable products to market and convince an unknown set of stakeholders to support their endeavours. The type of action entrepreneurs take to navigate uncertain entrepreneurial contexts is underspecified.

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Making Sense of the Elusive Paradigm of Entrepreneurship

Small Business Economics

2015 The term “entrepreneurship” apparently means different things to different people including scholars and thought leaders. Because entrepreneurship is multifaceted, it is studied from many different perspectives, yet, that has fostered a multitude of definitions.

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Value Proposition Evolution and the Performance of Internal Corporate Ventures

Journal of Business Venturing

2015 The success of internal corporate ventures (ICVs) is contingent upon their ability to: (1) anticipate the bases on which their offerings appeal to their target markets, (2) adjust these value propositions as the venture develops, and (3) leverage their parent corporations' relevant knowledge stocks.

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Reconceptualizing Entrepreneurial Orientation

Strategic Management Journal

2015 Entrepreneurial orientation (EO)—a firm's strategic posture towards entrepreneurship—has become the predominant construct of interest in strategic entrepreneurship research. Despite the ever-increasing volume of nomological research on EO, there remain ongoing conversations regarding its ontology.

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Why implementing corporate innovation is so difficult

Business Horizons

2014 While corporate innovation is commonly touted as a viable strategy for sustaining superior performance in today's corporations, the successful implementation of corporate innovation remains quite elusive for most companies.

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Diagnosing a firm's internal environment for corporate entrepreneurship

Business Horizons

2014 Apple, 3M, Procter & Gamble, and Google know the importance of an internal environment supportive of innovative activity. But how is that environment identified or measured? As research on corporate entrepreneurial activity has evolved, numerous researchers have acknowledged the importance of internal organizational dimensions to promoting and supporting an environment for innovation.

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Assessing a Measurement of Organizational Preparedness for Corporate Entrepreneurship

Journal of Product Innovation Management

2013 Research has shown that the manifestation of corporate entrepreneurship is an important strategy for the success of private- and public-sector organizations. The Corporate Entrepreneurship Assessment Instrument (CEAI) is an instrument that was developed to measure the key internal organizational factors that influence a firm's entrepreneurial activities and outcomes.

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