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Donna Price - Compass Rose Consulting, LLC. Newton, NJ, US

Donna Price

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Donna Price President and Founder of Compass Rose Consulting, is the author of “Launching Your Dream”, "Bizology.Biz", "Coaching Staff for Success" and contributing author to “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life”. She is inspirational in her unique and compelling journey of living boldly and building success in all areas of her life. She is a business coach, life coach, a sailor, kayaker, cyclist, mother, creator and dreamer. Donna has 18+ years of management and leadership experience. She has 32 years experience working with people to identify and accomplish their goals. Her story of cycling across the country and making it happen is just one of inspiring and moving stories. She will motivate and leave the audience ready to take action.

Donna Price offers dynamic, inspiring, interactive experiences for her audiences. She has a unique story of professional development and personal journey's. She shares her insights on leadership, building effective teams and effective business development. Personally, she speaks on living boldly, with intention and emerging from the fog.

Industry Expertise (3)

Corporate Leadership

Professional Training and Coaching

Business Services

Accomplishments (2)

Book: Coaching Staff for Success (professional)


Coaching Staff for Success is a guide for managers ready to shift their management style from top down, controlling and micro-management to one of collaboration, and performance focused. Coaching Staff for Success gives managers a simple to use approach for working with staff that changes the workplace culture, overall. When managers are coaching and not just telling, they learn more about the workflow, and their staff.

Book: Launching Your Dream Book and Multi-Media Kit (professional)


We are all dreamers and we have each realized some of what we wanted, but for many there is that lingering day dream that sits untouched, waiting patiently to be remembered or ignited. "Launching Your Dream" helps you to grab it and begin the journey of taking it off the shelf, getting it off the ground and into motion. How does your life change – when you launch your dream? Is there a magical moment for dream launching or do we stand in our own way of making the things we want happen?

Education (4)

SUC at Buffalo: Masters of Science, Exceptional Education 1994

Aurora University: Masters, Outdoor Recreation Administration 1998

Taught Undergraduate Activities Courses including: Rock Climbing, Bicycle Touring, Backpacking and First Aid/CPR.

SUC at Buffalo: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Elementary Education 1982

Pacific Crest Outward Bound: Leadership Semester 1996

Leadership Semester: 72 Day Outward Bound Course including Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Sea Kayaking, Backcountry Skiing

Affiliations (3)

  • Sussex County Chamber of Commerce
  • New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners
  • Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce

Testimonials (2)

Susan Stark, Vice President | Montague Tool

Inspired & Changed "As a small business owner, I used to dread writing annual employee performance appraisals as it always seemed like a negative experience for all involved. I was expected to point out deficiencies in performance and find some way to spin that information in a way that didn't leave the employee feeling like a deflated balloon. After attending a seminar where Donna from Compass Rose Consulting spoke on this very subject, I invited her to speak at our annual managers retreat. Since then we have used her method exclusively and I'm glad to report that the process has come full circle from a truly negative experience to a positive experience for all involved! "

Workshop Participant, Department Director, Community College | AEE Regional Conference, April 2007

“Your workshop was the most informative one that I attended in regards to application in my own work. I especially liked your info because it addressed issues more at a micro-level. Which I will consider putting into use with my current and future planning here. I administer all of the non-credit programs at a small community college in upstate NY. It is a secretary, me, and about 70 instructors we use throughout the year - about 15 topic areas from customized business training through summer youth enrichment programs. Busy doesn't describe it. It seems our college is always involved in some stage of strategic planning. My department keeps changing.”

Event Appearances (5)

Walking Our Talk -- Leading to Our Highest Ideal

Association for Experiential Educators Regional Conference  Frost Valley, New York


Collaborative Marketing: Intentionally Building a Marketing Team

Business Network International  Hanover, New Jersey


Creating A Dream, A Journey of Success

Sussex County Chamber  Vernon, NJ


Creating Workplaces that are Culturally Sensitive

International Conference Association for Experiential Educators  Rochester, NY


Inter-disciplinary Expeditions

TEAMS Conference  Chicago, Illinois


Sample Talks (1)

Is That Your Hat? Wearing the Multiple Hats of a Small Business Owner & How to succeed with Your Head Piled High!

This is a fun, energetic presentation. Donna uses a collection of hats representing all of the roles that an entrepreneur has/wears. Through her description of each hat and its importance in the entrepreneur's collection she weaves the story of success. She shares keys for creating success. She explores how to decide which hats to wear and which ones to share or give away. Entrepreneurs will have fun. Entrepreneurs will learn valuable, tangible information, while laughing.



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  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC
  • Author Appearance
  • Corporate Training


2500 to 6500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee