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Doug Davidoff Doug Davidoff

Founder & CEO | Imagine Business Develop


Deep, direct and effective speaker focusing on sales, marketing and go-to-market strategy


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Creating Demand When The Wind Is Not At Your Back

Growth, even in good times, can be challenging. According Bain Capital, "only 22% of the world's major firms achieved real, sustainable growth of even 5% a year over the ten-year period from 1994-2004." In recessions or pull-backs it can be near impossible. History proves that great companies permanently gain market share ? and separate themselves from their competition ? in bad times. The key to finishing an economic pull-back better than when you started is to create demand, rather than waiting to fulfill it. Success at creating demand requires a different set of systems, skills and disciplines. These systems, skills and discipline must, ultimately, be carried throughout the organization. Before that can happen, however, the senior executive team, must see their business from a new perspective. Creating Demand When The Wind Is Not At Your Back, enables members to gain that viewpoint, and the system to start carrying it through the organization. In this engaging and interactive workshop, members will learn: ? The fundamental difference between demand creation and demand fulfillment. ? The underlying cause for cutting sales cycle times in half. ? How transforming one's approach to demand creation reduce and often eliminates the disruptions caused by growth. ? Why demand creation is the only viable, sustainable growth strategy for the future ? in good times and bad.



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2500 to 7500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee