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Douglas Rushkoff

author and media theorist | Douglas Rushkoff

Hastings on Hudson, NY, UNITED STATES

author, media theorist, documentarian

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Program or Be Programmed

The debate over whether the Net is good or bad for us fills the airwaves and the blogosphere. But for all the heat of claim and counter-claim, the argument is essentially beside the point: it's here; it's everywhere. The real question is, do we direct technology, or do we let ourselves be directed by it and those who have mastered it? "Choose the former," explains Rushkoff, "and you gain access to the control panel of civilization. Choose the latter, and it could be the last real choice you get to make." In this talk Rushkoff explains how programming will become the equivalent of literacy in a digital age, and shares ten simple "commands" that give parents, businesses, and individuals command over the new technologies they are using. In a spirited, accessible, and thought-provoking evening, Rushkoff provides cyberenthusiasts and technophobes alike with the guidelines to navigate this new universe.


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