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Dr. C. Sturdy Dr. C. Sturdy

Dr. Sturdy

Toronto, ON, CANADA

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Dr. Sturdy, a motivational speaker, entertains and informs! Audiences note how insightful and passionate this professional speaker is about all his topics.

His personality, coupled with his quarter-century teaching/presenting background, translates to a competent, dynamic speaker.

Conferences, businesses, associations, federations, colleges/universities, governments of all levels, private and public sectors...all employee groups and management levels benefit from Dr. Sturdy's keynote addresses, workshops and facilitation sessions.

A father, educator, author and dedicated community member, Dr. Sturdy is an investment for your organization's membership.

Education (1)

University of British Columbia: Doctor of Philosophy, Educational Administration 2001

Sample Talks (1)

Hurried Adult/Hurried Child

Our society is hurried! As adults, we wear a great number of 'hats' - in our personal life, work life, and home life. All this "busyness" contributes to a feeling of burnout. This hurried lifestyle is being modeled for our children and unless WE slow down, our children will incorporate it into THEIR adult lifestyle. As parents, do we want this for our children? Issues such as work stress, home life stress, and personal stress are addressed. Specific topics include: Hurried Woman syndrome, Hur



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