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Dr. Charles Reinertsen Dr. Charles Reinertsen

Doctor of Dental Medicine | The Dental Medical Convergence


Dr. Charles Reinertsen is a dentist and the founder of the charity, The Dental Medical Convergence.



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Dr. Charles Reinertsen started his dental career in 1979 after graduating from the University of Florida’s College of Dentistry. After settling his family in Eustis, he opened his family dental practice in Tavares and has been serving the dental needs of local residents there for more than 40 years; he and his patients have grown up together. He’s been a member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health for many years. As you get to know Dr. Reinertsen, you’ll notice that he’s made a priority of continuing education throughout his entire career. It’s not uncommon to hear Dr. Reinertsen say that he’s not using the materials or techniques that he learned in school because there are better materials and services now. He encourages his entire team to continually learn and grow to better serve their patients.

Throughout his career, Dr. Reinertsen has volunteered his time and knowledge with the community and in his profession. He has participated in Million Dollar Smiles, Give Kids A Smile, and the Florida Dental Association’s program for National Children’s Dental Health Month. Locally, he has donated his time and skills to Project Dentists Care of Lake County, a volunteer organization dedicated to providing high-quality care through the Lake County Health Department Dental Clinic. Dr. Reinertsen has also served on the Lake County Dental Society’s board in various positions, including president.

Most recently, he founded the charity The Dental–Medical Convergence. Dr. Reinertsen aims to raise awareness about the dental–medical divide in this country and give people the tools and education they need to make healthy choices when it comes to their oral health.

Dr. Reinertsen also found time to write a book. He wrote “The Power of a Really Great Smile” to share stories of patients who have experienced the life-changing effect of improving their smile. As a contributing author, Dr. Reinertsen shared the importance of a great smile in the business arena in a chapter of “Big Ideas for Your Business,” a collaboration of authors associated with America’s PremierExperts®. These leading experts from a variety of industries provide information and insight to consumers as a public service. During his personal time, Dr. Reinertsen enjoys spending time with his friends and family, especially his two grandchildren. He loves traveling and listening to educational material on the go.

Industry Expertise (2)

Health Care - Providers

Health Care - Services

Areas of Expertise (6)

Dental Treatment Options

Oral Systemic Health


Dental Care


Dental Health

Accomplishments (2)

Inductee, The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors (professional)

2010, for chapter "How Important Is Your SMILE to Your BUSINESS?" in Big Ideas For Your Business: America’s PremierExperts® Show You How to Make Your Business More Fun & More Profitable.

TEDx Presenter (professional)


Dr. Reinertsen gave an entertaining and informative talk at TEDxEustis 2020. He unveiled a surprising connection between oral health and leading causes of death.

Education (1)

University of Florida, College of Dentistry: DMD, Dentistry 1979

Affiliations (4)

  • American Academy of Oral Systemic Health : Member
  • American Dental Association : Member
  • Florida Dental Association : Member
  • Filthy Mouth Podcast : Host

Media Appearances (6)

Four Quadrants Client Spotlight: Dr. Chuck Reinertson, DMD, LifeTime Dental, Tavares, Fla

Four Quadrants  online


Dr. Chuck Reinertsen once thought as many Dentists do: the key to earning more was to produce more. After all, his central Florida general dental practice grew steadily since 1979; his waiting room always seemed full, and he had a loyal base of patients. What also grew steadily during the same period was his overhead. [...] This is the story of how we convinced an already overbooked Dentist that the key to a happy career and healthy retirement was working smarter instead of harder

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What to expect in your first dental visit after the shutdown

Your Filthy Mouth Podcast  radio


In this special “quarantine” episode of Your Filthy Mouth, Dr. Chuck and Suzanne discuss some changes you can expect during your next dental visit when the office reopens. They also talk about teledentistry, which will be available soon. Finally, Dr. Chuck thanks everyone for making his birthday so special last week and shares video he took of the parade his staff and friends put on for him.

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Tavares dentist preaching the gospel of mouth health

Daily Commercial  online


If you’ve made the drive on U.S. Highway 441 from Tavares into Leesburg, you’ve probably noticed a peculiar billboard. On it, a woman covers her mouth with both hands and sports worried look on her face. Next to her is a web address: YourFilthyMouth.com. Don’t worry, it’s safe for work. The domain name is just a catchy way that local dentist Chuck Reinertsen drives people to the site, where he explains just how much oral health affects overall health. Spoiler alert: “You cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mouth,” Reinertsen said.

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Orlando Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Chuck Reinertsen Of Tavares Dental Excellence, Inducted Into The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors

PressNewsroom  online


Dr. Chuck Reinertsen, Orlando general and cosmetic dentist, and owner of Tavares Dental Excellence, was recently inducted into The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™ after releasing the book, Big Ideas For Your Business: America’s PremierExperts® Show You How to Make Your Business More Fun & More Profitable. The book was written in collaboration with America’s PremierExperts®, a group of America’s leading experts in various fields of business. They are celebrity experts who are dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness in their field of expertise and making significant contributions to their industry and the marketplace as a whole.

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The Savvy Dentist Podcast Interview

The Savvy Dentist Podcast  online


Dr. Jesse Green, host of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, interviewed Dr. Reinertsen about the oral-systemic connection. They also discussed diseases that are linked to poor oral health, and how doctors and dentists can work together to improve patient care.

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Local Dentist Creates Nonprofit to Fix Medical-Dental Divide Nationwide

Tavares Neighbors Magazine  print


Tavares Neighbors Magazine published an article about The Dental Medical Convergence. The article discussed Dr. Reinertsen's mission to provide education to consumers, dentists and doctors about the importance of oral care. He hopes the nonprofit will help bridge the gap when it comes to oral care's impact on overall health.

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Articles (1)

I like pain

Healthy Living

Dr. Charles Reinertsen, DMD

2020 I know this sounds funny coming from a dentist, but the older I get, the more I like pain. Please let me explain. In our office, we’ll do everything we can not to create pain and to stop any pain you’re already feeling. But in my 40 years of practicing, I’ve never seen a bigger motivator than pain.

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