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Dr Daniel Kilvington - Leeds Beckett. Leeds, West Yorkshire, GB

Dr Daniel Kilvington

Course Director and Reader | Leeds Beckett University

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Dr Daniel Kilvington's teaching and research specialism explores 'race', sport and new media.



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UEFA Outraged Online Abuse Documentary The virtual stages of hate | Dr Daniel Kilvington | TEDxLeedsBeckettUniversity Dr Daniel Kilvington on the lack of British Asian footballers playing in England


Race and the Sport Media part 1 with Nelson Kumah Race and Sports Commentary with Paul Campbell Race and the Sport Media part 2 with Leon Mann Dr Thomas Fletcher and Dr Daniel Kilvington: Tackling online hate in football



Dr Daniel Kilvington is Reader and Course Director in Media, Communication, Cultures. His teaching and research specialism explores race/ethnicity, racism and anti-racism in sport and new media spaces.

He is widely published and has written five books: Race, Racism and Sports Journalism (2012); Sport, Racism and Social Media (2015); British Asians, Exclusion and the Football Industry (2016); Sport and Discrimination (2017), and Online Research Methods in Sports Studies (2019), all with Routledge.

His research has explored the lived experiences of British South Asian communities within English football and his works have put forward a series of recommendations for reform. His other work has focused on the lack of minoritised ethnic coaches and managers within football. He is also a leading scholar in the field of online hate/abuse within sport, particularly football.

Dr Kilvington continues to work on external grants with funding bodies and stakeholders. In 2021, he was awarded an AHRC Large Grants Award for the project “Tackling Online Hate in Football” and in 2022, he started a project with the English Premier League examining anti-racist football coaching. Moreover, he works in collaboration with Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) in challenging far-right discourses online within football.

Dr Kilvington is the co-founder of the annual international Sport and Discrimination conference series; co-founder of the Talking Race podcast series; the founder of the inclusion initiative, Creating and Developing Coaches, and the trustee of the Zesh Rehman Foundation (ZRF).

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University of Sunderland: B.A., Media, Culture and Communication 2008

University of Sunderland: Ph.D., Media and Cultural Studies 2013

University of Sunderland: M.A., News Journalism 2009

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  • Zesh Rehman Foundation

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'Cultural racism' excluding British South Asians from football governance roles, new report finds

Sky Sports  online


Dr Daniel Kilvington, one of the academics behind the study, told Sky Sports News: ""Access to the system was considered a struggle formany of the participants in the research. Some suggested that it felt a bit like a cul-de-sac of a career. Nepotism was a common theme, across all levels, as many positions are filled through people's personal networks.

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Race and the Sport Media part 2 with Leon Mann

Talking Race Podcast  


Part 2 of 2: In part 2 of our episode focusing on race and the sport media, we're joined by sports producer, broadcaster, and founder of the Black Collective of Media in Sport (BCOMS), Leon Mann.

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Government vows to 'step in' if Yorkshire and ECB do not deal with racism crisis

Sky Sports  online


Dr Dan Kilvington, a senior lecturer at the Leeds Beckett University who has written extensively on issues of race and racism within sport, says that the issue is going through a pivotal time in history.

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Race and the Sport Media part 1 with Nelson Kumah

Talking Race Podcast  online


Part 1 of 2: In part 1 of this episode focusing on the sport media, Dan Kilvington speaks with BBC Sport's Nelson Kumah.

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'A pivotal moment in history when it comes to racism'

Sky Sports  online


Dr Dan Kilvington, a senior lecturer at the Leeds Beckett University who has written extensively on issues of race and racism within sport, says that the issue is going through a pivotal time in history.

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Race and Sports Commentary with Paul Campbell

Talking Race Podcast  online


In this episode, Dr Dan Kilvington speaks with Dr Paul Campbell about racialised representations within the sport media, paying close attention to sports commentary.

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Race and Mental Health with Frank Keating

Talking Race Podcast  online


In this episode we talk to Professor Frank Keating from Royal Holloway University of London about race, racism and mental health.

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Race, Education and Activism with Rita Kohli

Talking Race Podcast  online


In this episode Dr Rita Kohli, Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education and Information studies at the University of California, Riverside, talks about her work with teachers of colour.

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Race and Britain with Les Back

Talking Race Podcast  online


In this episode we talk with Les Back, Professor of Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London.

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Ted Lasso’s Nate the Great and Terrible Could Provide an Interesting Exploration of Being an Asian Man in Football

The Mary Sue  online


Then, in 2019, Dr. Dan Kilvington wrote a paper about the exclusion of British Asian players and the under-representation of BAME coaches and managers in football.

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Black British Feminism with Heidi Mirza

Talking Race Podcast  online


Series 2 of the Talking Race podcast starts with a discussion about Black British feminism. Professor Heidi Mirza talks about how it grew from grassroots women today are driving forward change, leaving her hopeful about its future.

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Race and Cyberspace: A new space for racism? with Rachel Boyle and Jessie Daniels

Talking Race Podcast  online


In our series finale, Dr Daniel Kilvington talks with Rachel Boyle and Professor Jessie Danielsabout ‘race’ and racism on the internet.

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Grassroots football key to Asian players coming through, says Dr Daniel Kilvington

Sky Sports  online


More grassroots support will prove key to a player from the Asian community eventually turning out for England, says the country’s leading academic on the subject, Dr Daniel Kilvington.

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Race and Football: Where are the British Asian footballers? with Permi Jhooti and Anwar Uddin

Talking Race Podcast  online


In this episode of Talking Race, Dr Daniel Kilvington speaks with British Asian footballing pioneers Permi Jhooti (Fulham) and Anwar Uddin (Barnet FC).

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Race in Education with Kauser Jan and Daniel Kebede

Talking Race Podcast  online


In this episode of Talking Race, Professor Vini Lander speaks with Kauser Jan, a primary teacher in Leeds, and Daniel Kebede, Vice President of the National Education Union (NEU), about personal and professional experiences of racism.

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Race and Children’s Literature with Darren Chetty and Lisa Stephenson

Talking Race Podcast  online


This episode examines the absence of race in children’s literature. Guest interviewer, Dr Emily Zobel Marshall, talks with Darren Chetty and Lisa Stephenson about the reasons why BAME children think stories are about White people and why in a tiny minority of books for primary children feature a BAME character or a BAME protagonist.

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Critical Race Theory with David Gillborn

Talking Race Podcast  online


In this episode of Talking Race, hosts Professor Vini Lander and Dr Daniel Kilvington speak with Professor Dave Gillborn about Critical Race Theory (CRT).

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Articles (3)

The virtual stages of hate: Using Goffman’s work to conceptualise the motivations for online hate

Media, Culture & Society

2020 Cyber hate is increasing. Every 30 seconds, a woman, somewhere, receives an abusive comment on Twitter (Amnesty International). And, it is estimated that around 20% of college students in the United States have been cyber-bullied. This article explores the motivational factors encouraging online hate and abuse.

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Tackling Social Media Abuse? Critically Assessing English Football’s Response to Online Racism

Communication & Sport

2019 Although English football has, to some extent, managed the problem of racism in and around football matches, recent years have seen an increase in football-related racist content published on social media. Footballers are frequently the target or subject of such abuse and occasionally the source of it.

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Two decades and little change: British Asians, football and calls for action

Soccer & Society

2019 Only ten British Asian professional footballers are competing in England out of approximately 4000 despite there being a population of 3.6 million in England and Wales. Just six British Asian footballers between the ages of 16 to 18 years old were attached to the 72 Football League academies in 2009 out of over 1300 players.

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