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Dr. Ed Frazelle - RightChain™ Institute. Greater Atlanta Area, GA, US

Dr. Ed Frazelle

Executive Director | RightChain™ Institute

Greater Atlanta Area, GA, UNITED STATES

President and CEO at Logistics Resources International



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Dr. Frazelle is one of the world's foremost authorities on supply chain strategy. He is President and CEO of Logistics Resources International and Executive Director of RightChain™ Institute. He was founding director of The Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech. Logistics Resources International is a supply chain consulting firm with offices in Atlanta, Georgia; Tokyo, Japan; and San Jose, Costa Rica and affiliates in Sydney, Australia and Lima, Peru. As an educator, Dr. Frazelle has trained more than 50,000 professionals in the principles of world-class logistics; as a consultant he has assisted more than 100 corporations and government agencies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa in their pursuit of world-class supply chains; as an author he has authored, co-authored, and/or contributed to seven books and over twenty articles on logistics including Supply Chain Strategy, Inventory Strategy, World-Class Warehousing, Facilities Planning, and The Language of Logistics; and as a professor he has lectured at Cornell, Northwestern, the University of Wisconsin, Waseda University, and the National University of Singapore. His books have been translated into six languages including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.

Dr. Frazelle is also the inventor of RightChain™, a model, methodology, and toolkit guiding the supply chains in many of the world’s largest corporations including Honda, Disney, BP, Hallmark, Nutrisystem, and United Technologies to name a few. RightChain™ projects have accounted for more than $2 BILLION in EBIT increase for LRI clients.

Dr. Frazelle's achievements have been recognized by the CSCMP’s Doctoral Research Grant, WERC'sthe Burr Hupp Fellowship, the Material Handling Institute's MHEF Fellowship, Kodak's Educational Grant, and GM's Scholar Award. He was recently named Georgia Tech’s Outstanding Professional Educator. He is a former president of the International Material Management Society.

Industry Expertise (2)


Logistics and Supply Chain

Areas of Expertise (3)

Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Megatrends

Inventory Strategy

Accomplishments (4)

Georgia Tech's Outstanding Professional Educator (professional)

Georgia Tech's most outstanding professional educator.

President, International Material Management Society (professional)

Elected president of the International Material Management Society.

Distinguished Alumnus, North Carolina State University (professional)

North Carolina State University's Industrial Engineering Hall of Fame

RightChain Institute, President and Founder (professional)

RightChain projects have yielded more than $2 billion in bottom line impact to date and the RightChainTM model has been adopted as the supply chain management model by major corporations in various industries throughout the world. Typical projects have a bottom line impact ranging from 1% to 5% of sales, inventory reductions between 20% and 40%, and 20% to 50% improvements in perfect order percentage.

Education (2)

North Carolina State University: MSIE, Industrial Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology: Ph.D., Industrial & Systems Engineering, Supply Chain Logistics

Affiliations (1)

  • Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

Testimonials (5)

Jim Roach, Senior Vice President | Honda

" I have found the LRI approach to logistics management to be practically suited to American Honda's service parts distribution systems and dealer network. Their methods have helped us effectively knit together key distribution practices that consistently support our customer policies. The proof lies in our excellent customer satisfaction ratings and the efficiencies that we now enjoy that are firmly imbedded within each link in our operation."

Lou Arace, Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer | NutriSystem

Dr. Frazelle and the LRI team have developed a fact-based, customer centric method for improving distribution and logistics networks. Their methodology for optimizing supply chains addresses the complexities and inefficiencies faced in moving product through the value stream.

Bill Burgess, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain | The Schwan Food Company

The LRI supply chain strategies have taken hold and worked for The Schwan Food Company. LRI's straight forward concepts provide us both the tactical linked with the strategic - all uniquely designed for our company's business needs. Their proven principles have helped us improve fill rates while simultaneously decreasing inventory. While an attractive outcome on its own, the real value came as a result of LRI's insistence that we become self sufficient in implementing and modifying our own world-class supply chain.

Mike Harry, Chief Supply Chain Officer | LifeWay

In the 15 years our company has worked with LRI, we have made use of their expertise with many strategic improvement initiatives. The advice has challenged our way of thinking. At the same time it has been pragmatic and implementable.

Matthew A. Anderson, Sr., LMC, M.S., CPL; Quartermaster Regimental Chief Warrant | U.S. Army

Working for the Army’s 3-Star General in charge of logistics and retained by the Army's Velocity Management Team, LRI objectively assessed Army logistics practices and systems and provided specific action items and process improvements across the entire supply chain. They have the innate capability to take complex supply chain processes and present them in a clear manner to all ranks and specialties.

Sample Talks (2)

Supply Chain Strategy

Implement supply chain principles, metrics, practices, and systems to improve financial and service performance. Learn how to develop a comprehensive supply chain strategy to support overall business objectives. Examine the changing and increasingly important role of supply chains in business. Apply world-class practices for customer service and order processing, inventory planning and management, supply chain integration, transportation, and warehousing into your organization.

Inventory Strategy

Inventory availability is the most important aspect of customer service, and inventory carrying costs are typically the most expensive and risky aspect of supply chain management. Learn the principles of managing these inventories to simultaneously increase fill rates and inventory turns. Explore performance measures, activity profiling and data mining, forecasting best practices, order quantity engineering, replenishment schemes, fill rate and safety stock optimization, purchasing, and more.



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