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Dr. Jacqueline Torres has over 20 years experience in public speaking and training. She is a nationally accomplished key note speaker, consultant, advocate, author, and broadcaster. In addition, she is an author contributing her ideas to the book Leadership: Helping Others to Succeed and The Power of Change: Reinventing Yourself at any Age.

Dr. Torres is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Firm Foundation Inc., who’s mission is to increase leadership commitment and dedication to creating and developing culturally revealing strategies in programs to help improve the lives of our communities. Amongst other certifications and degrees she is also certified to facilitate leadership trainings and has received many awards on her outstanding leadership work. Dr. Torres trusts not just her personal experiences but also on years of research and investigative work to facilitate the interactive and participatory trainings.

Dr. Torres delivers an interactive and integrated training approach that capitalizes on the expertise and experience of both the participants and the facilitators in workshops, seminars, conferences, trainings and retreats. She has a very strong presence and delivers her facilitation with transparency and enthusiasm. She understands that creating meaning and purpose for employees is the key to your organization’s success. Dr. Torres has developed thousands of professionals into a better understanding of best-practices in Leadership.

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Corporate Leadership

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Training and Development

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Diversity Champion

Character Development

Women Leadership


Mediation in Conflict Resolution

Affiliations (8)

  • Yale University Department of Psychology, New Haven, CT
  • National Women of Color Network
  • American Studies, Washington, DC
  • New England School of Prevention and Addiction Studies
  • Professional Woman Network, Prospect, KY
  • Rutgers University, New York
  • National Center for Victims of Crime
  • National American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging

Sample Talks (1)

Leadership is Constant Evolution

Leadership Character Development is important because it develops your spirit and your character. It helps you understand culture, diversity and ethics. This is something that needs to be on a continual basis; it cannot be a one-time event or a yearly event. Leadership touches every part of our lives. Leadership development is just the basics and it is up to a person to self-develop the areas that need to be addressed, not only personally, but in the community.



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