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Dr. Jaime Torres - International Federation on Ageing. Caracas, , VE

Dr. Jaime Torres Dr. Jaime Torres

Director / Head of the Infectology Unit | Institute of Tropical Medicine of the Central University of Venezuela


Dr. Torres is Director and Head of the Infectology Unit at the Institute of Tropical Medicine of the Central University of Venezuela







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The Great Zika Cover Up

Ozy  online


Castro, an epidemiology-trained infectious-disease physician with 26 years of experience, has become frighteningly relevant in Latin America this year — his expertise in combining social-media data and mathematical models to map, track and publicize looming public health or pandemic concerns has allowed him to “go further” than most others in his field, explains Jaime Torres, head of the infectious diseases section at Central University of Venezuela’s Tropical Medicine Institute.

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The ever changing landscape of Zika virus infection. Learning on the fly International Journal of Infectious Diseases

Jaime Torres


Zika virus (ZIKV) has gone a long way since its humble discovery in a Rhesus sentinel primate in the Zika Forest of Uganda in 1947, to become a potentially devastating international health threat nowadays.
For more than half a century ZIKV virus seemed to pose little threat to human beings and for that reason, epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic advances for ZIKV infection have been slow, as a reflection of the relatively small amount of research carried out on the subject as compared with other mosquito-borne
viral diseases.

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Large Urban Outbreak of Orally Acquired Acute Chagas Disease at a School in Caracas, Venezuela The Journal of Infectious Diseases

Jaime Torres


Background: Trypanosoma cruzi oral transmission is possible through food contamination by vector's feces. Little is known about the epidemiology and clinical features of microepidemics of orally acquired acute Chagas disease (CD).
Methods: A case-control, cohort-nested, epidemiological study was conducted during an outbreak of acute CD that affected a school community. Structured interviews were designed to identify symptoms and sources of infection. Electrocardiograms were obtained for all patients. Specific serum antibodies were assessed by immunoenzimatic and indirect hemagglutination tests. In some cases, parasitemia was tested directly or by culture, animal inoculation, and/or a polymerase chain reaction technique.

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Research Priorities for Neglected Infectious Diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean Region Neglected Tropical Diseases

Jaime Torres


Global priorities for research in neglected infectious diseases (NIDs) can be assessed in different ways, but it is important to realize that regional priorities may significantly differ one from another. The region of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is—along with Africa and Asia—more affected by NIDs than other regions of the world. Some of the Latin American NIDs are common to other continents, while others are very specific or disproportionately affect the Latin American region.

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