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Dr. Janice Presser - The Gabriel Institute. Philadelphia, PA, US

Dr. Janice Presser Dr. Janice Presser

CEO | The Gabriel Institute

Philadelphia, PA, UNITED STATES

CEO of The Gabriel Institute; Architect of Teamability, pioneer in Talent Science and Team Analytics



Dr. Janice Presser, CEO of The Gabriel Institute, is a behavioral scientist and the architect of Teamability® – a completely new technology that measures how people will perform in teams. Dr. Presser has been engaged in the research and development of talent science and team analytics for over 25 years. A recognized thought leader in qualitative assessment and human infrastructure management methods, she is the author of six books, including the new @DrJanice: Thoughts and Tweets on Leadership, Teamwork & Teamability®. Her forthcoming book will explore the theoretical and physical foundations of teaming, and the profound impact of teaming metrics on the structure, development, and leadership of teams.

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Management Consulting

Talent Management

Corporate Leadership

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Future of Work

Work Relationships

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Author, 6 books by major publishers, 6th in preparation (professional)


Books are on various aspects of teaming. Most recent, @DrJanice: Thoughts & Tweets on Leadership, Teamwork & Teamability® is currently available at

Education (1)

Union Institute & University: PhD, Behavioral Science 1990

Work centered around the coherence of relationships, from two to work teams to larger organizations, preceding current work on the analysis and measurement of human infrastructure.

Event Appearances (2)

Teamability and the Future of Work

Georgia Mining Association Leadership Conference  Savannah, GA


Science Behind Team Dynamics

Constellation Connected Enterprise 2013


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Teamability and the Future of Work

Which describes the teams you've been part of: "Many hands make light work" or "Too many cooks spoil the broth"? The fact is, teaming success can't be adequately measured or predicted by 'how many'. You need to know the answers to much more sophisticated questions if you're intent on meeting the demand for more coherent, adaptable, high performance teams. The new metrics of teaming are key to improving selection, increasing engagement, and delivering measurable business value.



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