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Jeanne-Marie Stacciarini - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Jeanne-Marie Stacciarini

Associate Dean/Associate Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Jeanne Stacciarini’s research interests are in the area of mental health promotion and health disparities in various populations.


Jeanne Stacciarini’s research interests are in the area of mental health promotion and health disparities in minorities, rural and international populations. She also uses social health determinants and social network analysis to develop community-based interventions for diverse groups. She is the associate dean for diversity, inclusion and engagement and associate professor in the College of Nursing

Areas of Expertise (3)


Population Health

Mental Health


Articles (4)

Social-ecological correlates of acculturative stress among Latina/o and Black Caribbean immigrants in the United States: A scoping review

International Journal of Intercultural Relations

Dany Fanfan and Jeanne-Marie Stacciarini


Acculturative stress is associated with poor mental health outcomes; however, few studies have examined this type of stress within immigrants’ broader social-ecological context. Furthermore, it remains unclear which stressors are unique to first-generation immigrants, who are at a higher risk of experiencing acculturative stress during intercultural contact.

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Achieving Health Equity Through Eradicating Structural Racism in the United States: A Call to Action for Nursing Leadership

Journal of Nursing Scholarship

Deena Nardi, et al.


To advocate for strategic actions by U.S. nursing leadership that denote the presence, customs, and implications of racism that has been institutionalized within the structures of U.S. nursing leadership and the profession.

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Stress and depression in the context of migration among Haitians in the United States

Health & Social Care in the Community

Dany Fanfan, et al.


Our global communities are becoming increasingly more diverse and interwoven; thus, research that enhances our understanding of the multidimensional relationship between depression and migration among distinct ethnic groups is imperative. This study examined the relationship between migration-related stress and depression and the extent to which that relationship is modified by other factors, through the lens of the stress process model.

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Social Networks and Mental Health of Rural Latino Adolescents in North Florida

UF Journal of Undergraduate Research

Kayla J. Elliott, et al.


There is limited research on mental health in rural Latino communities, particularly with adolescents. The aims of this study were to: 1) describe the evidence of social networks and mental health research in rural Latino communities and 2) illustrate themes related to the social networks and mental health depicted by rural Latino adolescents. A secondary data analysis study was performed, using data collected through semi-structured interviews with adolescents, 11-17 years-old, living in three rural counties of North Florida.

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