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Dr. Jeff Koloze - Koloze Consultants. Garfield Heights, OH, US

Dr. Jeff Koloze

President | Koloze Consultants

Garfield Heights, OH, UNITED STATES

Dr. Jeff Koloze









Dr. Jeff Koloze (Ph.D., English, Kent State University) is president and founder of Koloze Consultants, whose objective is to assist faculty and students “to conduct research on the life issues for presentation and publication.”

Dr. Koloze’s most recent administrative position was Campus College Chair for the College of Humanities, the College of Natural Sciences, and the College of Social Sciences from 2005-2011 at the Columbus, Ohio Campus of the University of Phoenix. In 2009 he was appointed one of twelve senior research fellows for the Apollo Group, the for-profit company that owns the University of Phoenix. He has taught Communications, undergraduate and graduate English, and Humanities courses since 1989 at several colleges and universities in the Cleveland, Columbus, and Springfield, Ohio metropolitan areas.

Dr. Koloze's primary research interest is the presentation of the right-to-life issues of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia in literature; most of his publications are available in conference proceedings and on the web. He has presented over fifty papers before academic and professional organizations on these topics, most recently at conferences at Harvard University (2010 and 2011), Ryerson University (Toronto, 2009), and the University of Notre Dame (South Bend, Indiana, 2011).

Author of An Ethical Analysis of the Portrayal of Abortion in American Fiction: Dreiser, Hemingway, Faulkner, Dos Passos, Brautigan, and Irving (Edwin Mellen, 2005), Dr. Koloze invites colleagues and students to join him on LinkedIn and to consult the University Faculty for Life blog ( He can be emailed at

Industry Expertise (3)

Writing and Editing

Professional Training and Coaching


Areas of Expertise (5)

Literary Theories

Abortion in Literature

Infanticide in Literature

Euthanasia in Literature

Life Issues in Contemporary Culture

Accomplishments (1)

Senior Research Fellow for the University of Phoenix (professional)

I was awarded a senior research fellowship in the inaugural program of the University of Phoenix. My research project investigated academic support services for students underprepared for college work.

Education (1)

Kent State University: Ph.D., English 2001

Affiliations (2)

  • University Faculty for Life
  • Ad hoc membership in various academic organizations

Event Appearances (1)

“Literary Analysis of Abortion in the Short Story ‘Explosions’ by Mo Yan of the People’s Republic of China”

International Journal of Arts and Sciences annual conference  Harvard University


Sample Talks (1)

“The Father in Contemporary Jewish Fiction on Abortion: An Analysis of Ethical Considerations of Abortion from Various Responsa and Their Absence in Twentieth-Century American Jewish Fiction”

This presentation collates several major ethical considerations from responsa concerning abortion as pronounced by rabbinic authorities and then examines twentieth- and twenty-first century Jewish-American novels and short stories which concern abortion. The presentation suggests the trajectory of future Jewish-American fiction vis-à-vis these ethical pronouncements.



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