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Dr. John Salerno - Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine. New York, NY, US

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A board certified family physician, Dr. John Salerno has been pioneering complementary medicine for more than 20 years. Best known for his Silver Cloud Diet nutrition program, anti-aging supplements, and natural therapies, Dr. Salerno has crafted unique treatment plans to cleanse, heal, and ultimately restore human health. His publications and professional studies have made him a popular expert on the physiology and assessment of many complex medical conditions.
Dr. Salerno has consistently inspired new breakthroughs in nutritional science. His groundbreaking work on no sugar, low carbohydrate, non-gmo food diets has redefined the way we eat. Beyond nutrition, Dr. Salerno has even developed new techniques using bio identical hormones, cutting edge heavy metal treatments, and powerful allergy lab work, which he continues to refine that help individuals maximize recovery time and increase overall health effectiveness.
The list of renowned doctors, healers, and celebrities who have studied and/or utilize Dr. Salerno’s medical guidance reads like a Who’s Who of the alternative medicine world: founder of the famouse Atkins Diet Dr. Atkins, Hollywood author Suzanne Somers, ex-mayor of NYC Rudy Guiliani, actor Steven Cannell, President of the International Congress of Integrative Medicine Dr. Hiroyuki Abe MD, and many others.
The go-to source for sound medical advice, Dr. Salerno is a sought after author, lecturer, and media icon, whose work has been featured on Fox & Friends, Fox News, Bloomberg, Tokyo World News, WPIX, and Sao Paulo International News. He is also a longstanding member of the American Osteopathic Association, American College for Advancement in Medicine, American Medical Association, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, International Society of Integrative Medicine, and a Diplomat of the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners. As if that wasn’t enough, Dr. Salerno also served as a preceptor at the Yale School of Medicine, and as Medical Director of St. Vincent’s Immediate Health Care in Shelton, Connecticut. There’s no denying that Dr. Salerno has developed extraordinary health tools, responding to your bodies total condition—resulting in targeted healing solutions.

Dr. John Salerno
The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine
161 Madison Ave. #7SW
New York, NY 10016

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Dr. John Salerno, is a Board-certified family physician in private practice in New York City and a pioneer in the field of complementary medicine. Dr. Salerno combines the teachings of traditional medicine with the wisdom of alternative treatments to cleanse, heal, and ultimately restore human health.

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