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Dr. Nightingale L. Florence - Author, Diamond Mind. Providence, Rhode Island Area, RI, US

Dr. Nightingale L. Florence Dr. Nightingale L. Florence

Author, DIAMOND MIND | Author, Diamond Mind

Providence, Rhode Island Area, RI, UNITED STATES

Author, Diamond Mind; International Speaker, Educator; Counseling; Quantum Mechanics; Consciousness Facilitator



As an established international speaker and consciousness facilitator, Dr. Nightingale Florence combines her wisdom and understanding of quantum mechanics and spiritual science, as they apply to educational programming, personal well-beingness, consciousness, and the creation of preferred realities. Having the mind of a globalist, she supports the public with dynamic comprehension of the new sciences related to mind mechanics and consciousness. She upholds the power of collective intention as synergistic catalyst, as well as dynamic initiatory and awakening force, needed in the construction of a new consciousness grid matrix for the acceleration of personal and planetary well-being. She reveals the inherent capacity in all humans, irrespective of creed or planetary geography as resident potential, awaiting a corresponding consciousness state to mine forth the Diamond within. With the planet's evolutionary agenda in mind and expanded sense of awareness, she uncovers the reality effects of consciousness upon personal and planetary evolution, when science meets spirituality. As an accomplished educator, she offers intelligent understanding from a wealth of experience including counseling consulting. She has more than 22 years of experience working with clients in health and transformation.

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Cambridge College: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Counseling Psychology

Cambridge College: Master's degree, Education