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Dr. Patrick Dixon - International Federation on Ageing. London, , GB

Dr. Patrick Dixon Dr. Patrick Dixon

Chairman | Global Cahange Ltd.


Patrick Dixon is an author and business consultant, often described as a futurist.




Dr. Patrick Dixon Publication Dr. Patrick Dixon Publication Dr. Patrick Dixon Publication Dr. Patrick Dixon Publication



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Patrick Dixon is an author and business consultant, often described as a futurist, and chairman of the trends forecasting company Global Change Ltd. He is also founder of the international AIDS agency ACET and Chairman of the ACET International Alliance.

In 2005, he was ranked as one of the 20 most influential business thinkers alive according to the Thinkers 50 (a private survey printed in The Times). Dixon was also included in the Independent on Sunday's 2010 "Happy List", with reference to ACET and his other work tackling the stigma of AIDS.

Areas of Expertise (5)

Connected Technologies


Public Policy


Active Ageing

Education (2)

University of London: Medicine, Medical Clinical Sciences/Graduate Medical Studies 1982

1979-81: 12 month Sabbatical while at medical school to run Medicom IT startup, selling computer systems to health services in UK and elsewhere Activities and Societies: Ran small research programme on medical technology / IT / artificial intelligence based in Department of Medicine at Charing Cross Hospital, in partnership with the National Physics Laboratory

Kings College, Cambridge: Medicine, Medical Sciences 1978

Exhibition award (scholarship) to Kings College Cambridge 1975 Activities and Societies: Cambridge Union (debating society), CICU

Affiliations (2)

  • Virttu Biologics Ltd : Chairman of Board
  • Acromas Health Care (Allied Health Care Ltd Nestor Health Care Ltd Saga Health Care Ltd) : Non-Executive Director

Languages (2)

  • English
  • French

Media Appearances (5)

Predicting how our lives will change in the decades ahead

The Irish Times  online


The ambitious title for this book sets the bar high for author Patrick Dixon. A physician and former cancer specialist, Dixon started the international Aids agency ACET, which has programmes in 18 countries. He is also the founder of Global Change Ltd, a growth strategy and forecasting company and ranks giants such as Google, Microsoft and the World Bank among his clients. A prolific author with 16 books to his name, he has been ranked in the Thinkers 50 list of most influential global business thinkers. He has a good vantage point then for the wide range of predictions that range from technology, demographics, politics, healthcare and social change as he paints a vision for how life will evolve on the planet in the decades ahead.

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3D Printing, Smart Fridges & Smartphone Cameras: Boring, Boring, Boring!

3D Printing  online


Dr. Patrick Dixon is finding an awful lot to yawn about lately. And there’s lots more material where that came from, arriving on a daily basis. Concerning the world of high-tech–and putting 3D printing right up there on the list–Dixon is rocking our world just a bit when it comes to robots–and he gives us all something to think about in terms of new technology in general, with a good dose of humor thrown in. Dixon is both entertaining and thought-provoking as he takes potshots at many of those futuristic innovations that are currently blowing our minds. He basically shrugs and says hey, maybe not so much. Or at least, maybe not so much for us little people down here on the ground.

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3D printing? Robots? BORING. Give us real innovation

Dennis Publishing  online


In the near future, our homes will have 3D printers and smart fridges, we'll work alongside robots and we'll pay for it all with Bitcoin. Unless, of course, this is all fantasy and nonsense, as Dr Patrick Dixon suggests. A futurist and author, he sought to "uncover the truth of innovation" for attendees of Nexterday North in Helsinki, Finland, which ran from 9-10 November. He called for visitors to set aside tech hype and think more clearly. "Let's be careful – we need a reality check," he said.

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A Different Kind of World by 2050, Says Patrick Dixon

The New Indian Express  online


History will record a very different kind of world by 2050, with a totally new balance of power, new global cultures, new industrial giants, new forms of government and new social habits, says noted futurist Patrick Dixon. The generation born in 2030 will all be adults in 2050, and most of those who are born to middle-class families will expect to be alive in 2130, he writes in his new book "The Future of Almost Everything".

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What's the best way to predict the future?

Management Today  online


Turning to The Future of Almost Everything, this isn't a bad book, but it is comparatively small beer. It is a look at futuristic mega-trends, which occur at the intersection of new technologies and changing social structures. So Dixon has themes like 'fast' - everything is changing faster - and 'urban' - humanity is migrating into mega-cities, with sub-themes like 'big data' and 'bio-digital brains'. The content is OK but thin - I don't think it gave me a single new thought.

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