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Dr. Robert Cohen Dr. Robert Cohen

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner | Mark Sonder Productions, Inc.


He taught Yoda! Capturing the spirit of your own potential will become as easy as breathing with help from an energy medicine practitioner



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Bob Cohen, PhD, LCPC
• Practicing Licensed Professional Counselor and Energy Medicine Practitioner
• Certified practitioner in Energy Medicine in the shamanic tradition through The Four Winds Society
• Trained to Level II iREST/Yoga Nidra meditation through the Integrative Restoration Institute
• Certification candidate in Energy Psychology through the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, a program that combines principles of traditional psychotherapy and the human energy systems to promote healing and well-being
• Studied the use of shamanic drumming for healing from a fifth generation shaman from Ecuador
• PhD in Clinical Psychology with a minor in Behavioral Medicine

Industry Expertise (4)

Health and Wellness

Mental Health Care

Health Care - Services


Areas of Expertise (5)


Energy Psychology

Sports Psychology and Performance Enhancement


Health & Wellness

Accomplishments (4)

Media -- The Washington Post and The Washington Times (professional)


Cited in the sports pages of The Washington Post and The Washington Times for his role as sports psychologist for the men’s varsity basketball team; taught players to use relaxation and guided imagery techniques to enhance athletic performance

PhD (professional)


Awarded PhD in Clinical Psychology with a minor in Behavioral Medicine from The Union Institute

Published -- John Hopkins Center (professional)


Designer and main author of published study conducted at the Johns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy Center that demonstrated the use of relaxation training and guided imagery techniques to significantly reduced reactions to ragweed pollen allergy in allergic patients; presented results of study at two national allergy conferences

Psychotherapy and Group Counseling (professional)

20 years of experience providing individual psychotherapy and group counseling to clients referred by the US Probation, US Pretrial Services and various state and county agencies

Education (1)

The Union Institute: Ph.D., Clinical Psychology / Behavioral Medicine 1991

Sample Talks (2)

Sports Psychology and Performance Enhancement

In this workshop, Dr. Cohen will discuss his methods of utilizing relaxation and mental imagery techniques to improve sports performance. A review of the literature in sports psychology attest that an athlete’s use of mental imagery and visualization techniques can enhance athletic performance. Energy medicine, which has the capacity to improve all aspects of athletic performance, will also be fully addressed during the workshop.

Introduction to Energy Medicine

During the course of this workshop, Dr. Cohen will outline healing techniques utilized by energy medicine practitioners. Energy Medicine is a method of healing that recognizes that humans are infused and surrounded by an energy field that significantly influences their states of health and illness. Energy medicine practitioners in such disciplines as acupuncture, Reiki and shamanic healing, employ techniques designed to affect this human energy field, and, by doing so, promote healing.



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2500 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee