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Drue De Angelis - The De Angelis Group. Scottsdale, AZ, US

Drue De Angelis

Managing Partner | The De Angelis Group


Revolutionary speaker who is reshaping the world of executive search and placement





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Drue De Angelis transitioned his career into recruiting in 2000 when he purchased an MRI franchise in Arizona. After a few years of frustration with the Contingency Search business, he was about to quit altogether and go back into the medical device industry where he worked previously. Frustrated by the lack of significant, sustainable value that his firm was able to provide to their clients, he longed to be a true partner again with his clients and not a mere vendor. That is when he embarked upon a journey that converted his business to a fully retained recruiting firm. Since that time, he has developed a process whereby he has helped others accomplish the same thing.

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Walter Wilowaty, Owner | Retained Search: Is it right for you?

Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar today!

Jamie Davis, Principal | Retained Search: Is it right for you?

Thank you for the webinar. It was wonderful! I really learned alot. I also gave you a 5 star rating on your site and signed up to follow your blog.

Kevin Borland, President | Retained Search: Is it right for you?

Thank you! I really enjoyed your web presentation today.

Ellen Small, Owner/Recruiter | Retained Search: Is it right for you?

I imagine you're getting lots of feedback on a great webinar and I wanted to be included! I'm a new solo owner/recruiter and am already tired of contingency work, so the timing is perfect. Thanks, so much, for an informative and honest representation of engaged/retained search presentation.

Julie Litchfield, Recruiting Expert | Retained Search: Is it right for you?

Thanks for leading the Webinar today. I have only done a couple of retained searches in the past several years but would definitely like to do more! The webinar was excellent and I look forward to following you on twitter and on your blog. I'd greatly appreciate a copy of the 1 page retained agreement you mentioned. I've seen some terribly long ones and like to keep things simple for my clients also! Thanks again!

Candace Nault , Recruiting Partner | RecruitersConnection Webinar

Great webinar on Thursday, I appreciate your wisdom, input and perspective about retained searches, and it is something I am putting in place within my business model. You mentioned on the webinar to contact you for a link to see/listen again to the webinar, is that still possible? There was so much great info, I think I might have missed some things along the way. Thank you for the info! Candace

Wayne Rigney, Managing Partner | Retained Search: Is it right for you?

Great seminar!

Tony Valone , President | Retained Search: Is it right for you?

The Webinar was excellent. Succinct and effectively communicated the information. I can see what you successfully transitioned. Thanks very much.

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Why Contingency Search is a Flawed System

In this topic we examine the inherent flaws that contingency styled search creates and their effects on the hiring authority and the recruiter. We then look at an alternative method of executive search which yields better results.



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