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Dr. Vivek Nangia - International Federation on Ageing. New Delhi, , IN

Dr. Vivek Nangia Dr. Vivek Nangia

Director, Pulmonology, Medical Critical Care and Sleep Disorders | Fortis Flt Lt Rajan Dhall Hospital

New Delhi, INDIA

Dr Nangia is an Interventional Pulmonologist and Infectious Disease Specialist with training in Sleep and Critical Care Medicine.



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Dr Vivek Nangia, is an international renowned Interventional Pulmonologist, with over two decades of rich clinical experience. He is amongst the pioneers to conduct various Bronchoscopic Interventions and Medical Thoracoscopy in Delhi. He has a stellar professional background and has undergone extensive training in various fields of Pulmonary and critical Care Medicine, namely, Sleep Medicine at Stanford University, USA; Pediatric Pulmonology, Royal Brompton Hostpital, London; Critical Care at Cleveland Clinics, USA; Clinical Nutrition and Good Clinical Practices at Mumbai. Pursuing his administrative skills, he has undergone training on "Development of Leaderships Skills" at one of the most prestigious institutes of the country, the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. He is one of the few qualified Infectious Diseases Specialists in the entire country, having successfully completed first a diploma and then M.Sc in Infectious Diseases from London University, UK.

He is a revered teacher, has many publications in peer reviewed journals and text books to his credit and has co-authored the book titled "Sleep Related Breathing Disorders". He has been a faculty to several National and International conferences. He is adept at performing various procedures like bronchoschopy, transbronchial biospies, EBUS, Medical thoracoscopies, endobronchial laser, etc.

Areas of Expertise (11)


Adult Vaccination


Sleep Medicine

Interventional Bronchoscopies

Infectious Diseases

Healthcare Management

Respiratory Medicine

Medical Thoracoscopy

Critical Care Medicine


Accomplishments (5)

Awarded the Fellowship by Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine

2019 Recipient

SN Gaur Young Scientist Award at NAPCON 2018

2018 Oral presentation on “Incidence and outcomes of Pulmonary Involvement in Scrub typhus : a clinical study”

Award of excellence for Journal Publication

2017 Best published article in IAB journal in 2017

FOS 2016-17 Best Doctor of the year award at Fortis Hospital

2016-2017 Recipient

Brands Achiever Best Pulmonologist in India, 2015 Award

2015 Recipient

Education (6)

University of London, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine: MSc, Infectious Diseases 2012

University of London, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine: Diploma, Infectious Diseases 2008

Belvitge University: Diploma, Interventional Bronchoscopies 2002

Aligarh Muslim University: M.D., Pulmonology 1996

Aligarh Muslim University: MBBS, M.D., Surgery 1993

Aligarh Muslim University: B.S., Medicine 1993

Affiliations (5)

  • Member: Infectious Disease Society of America
  • Member: Hospital Infections Society, India
  • Member: Clinical Infectious Diseases Society, India
  • Member: Forum for Adult Immunization Towards Health (FAITH) – first Trustee
  • Member: National College of Chest Physicians

Languages (2)

  • English
  • Hindi

Media Appearances (10)

When a City Asks its People to Leave

The Citizen  online


Dr. Vivek Nangia, head of the pulmonology department at Fortis Hospital says, “If a person can leave the city, definitely they should go somewhere else. But the majority of people I see do not have an option.”

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Wealthy Vapers In India Are Buying Juul Kits For $100 On The Gray Market

BuzzFeed News  online


Their rising popularity is raising concerns from health experts in India. “Launching Juul in India is a bad idea,” Dr. Vivek Nangia, director of pulmonology at New Delhi’s Fortis Healthcare, told BuzzFeed News. “It’s pitched as a product that lets people cut down on cigarette smoking, but there’s a strong chance people who use them get dependent on them because of their high nicotine content.”

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Delhi's severe air pollution is frightening everyone, forcing sick to relocate

The Economic Times  online


Dr Vivek Nangia, head of Fortis Lung Centre, Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj, also advises many of his patients to move out of Delhi at least temporarily when the AQI goes over 200. “Many of my elderly patients leave Delhi in the colder months and live with their children or family members in other cities,” he says. Older people, children, pregnant women and cancer and diabetes patients are vulnerable to heart, lung and other complications due to air pollution, he says.

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Delhi Pollution: Saw someone using surgical mask? It’s a waste, suggest expert doctors

Financial Express  online


Both Doctors Nangia and Sachdeva advised to use N91 or N95 masks to help keep particulate matter out. “Surgical masks do not serve any purpose, really so these specialised masks should be used. People, especially children when they move out should either wear a mask or put a wet piece of cloth over their mouth,” Nangia said.

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New Delhi declares emergency as toxic smog thickens by the hour

Reuters  online


“There is such a cloud over us that you probably need artificial rain or some such to clear this,” said Dr Vivek Nangia, a pulmonologist at Delhi’s Fortis hospital.

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Climate Change: How Worried Should You Be?

NDTV  tv


The World is standing at a crossroad where if we do not put a lid on the emission of greenhouse gases, in a few decades, we shall be heading towards an environmental disaster. With the climate change conference in Paris underway, will it be possible for various world leaders to look beyond blame game and actually hammer out an agreement that everyone will follow in letter and spirit? Should industrialised countries do more in terms of providing finance and accessibility to clean and green technology?

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#KillerAir: What Does Severe Pollution Actually Mean?

NDTV  tv


As North India grapples with severe air pollution levels, we tell you exactly how severe is severe pollution and what it can do to you.

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Killer Air: Should There be Pollution Holidays in Delhi?

NDTV  tv


As people cough and wheeze their way through their lives in Delhi, the National Green Tribunal says 'enough is enough'. They want to know just what the Delhi government intends to do to improve the quality of air in Delhi. Does the government have any solutions?

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Is Indoor Pollution Choking Your Child?

NDTV  tv


Children are more likely to suffer from health hazards caused die to indoor air pollution. With respiratory problems increasingly affecting infants, here's a look at how poor air quality deteriorates health and a few tips to clean up the air.

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Pollution in Our Cities: Does Anyone Care?

NDTV  tv


Chennai does the unthinkable and crosses Delhi to become the most polluted city. With governments struggling to explain why we are breathing killer air, is pollution even a priority issue? We debate on Left, Right and Centre.

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Research Focus (3)

Clinical Excellence

Have developed expertise and get referrals from across the country for the management of difficult to treat cases in the fields of Critical Care infections, Tropical Infections, Community and Hospital Acquired Infections, Post Kidney Transplant Infections, Infections in Immunocompromised patients, HIV, TB, Fungal infections and even Fevers of Unknown origin

Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

Was a pioneer in the country to initiate a modified version of AMS programme in a 520 bedded tertiary care hospital in Delhi, India, namely Batra Hospital And Medical Research Center. A Sepsis Board was constituted under my Chairmanship, way back in 2008. The main goals of this board were aligned to the principles and goals of an AMS program: - To develop clinical protocols for management of patients with sepsis including anti microbial use - To formulate and disseminate policies, procedures, guidelines for prevention, early detection, evaluation and clinical management of sepsis patients - To recommend the requirement for additional resources, infrastructure and medical and allied equipment to strengthen sepsis care.

Adult Immunization

Recognised as a national expert on Adult Immunization. Was one of three professionals from the entire country, to be invited by the International Federation of Aging, Canada for a brain storming session on “Adult Vaccination in the Asia Pacific : Mobilising Policy and Practice Knowledge”, held in Singapore in January 2019. Was instrumental in formulating and designing Adult Vaccination policy, customized to Indian requirements, for the clinicians of the 52 hospitals of the Fortis Group in India

Featured Articles (5)

Convergence of Minds: For Better Patient Outcome in Intensive Care Unit Infections.

Indian J Crit Care Med

Nangia, V. et al

2017 There is emergence of resistance to the last-line antibiotics such as carbapenems in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), leaving little effective therapeutic options. Since there are no more newer antibiotics in the armamentarium in the near future, it has become imperative that we harness the interdisciplinary knowledge for the best clinical outcome of the patient.

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Bronchoscopy as a salvage therapy in a mechanically ventilated status asthmaticus patient: A case report

The Egyptian Journal of Bronchology

Animesh Ray, Vivek Nangia, Rajat Chatterji, Navin Dalal

2017 A 23-year-old male patient presented with acute exacerbation of asthma with type 2 respiratory failure. He was mechanically ventilated and started on intensive medical therapy including nebulization with β2 agonists and antimuscarinic drugs, steroids, antibiotics and magnesium sulphate as per standard protocol.

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Scrub typhus infection presenting as acute heart failure: A case report and systematic review of literature of cardiopulmonary involvement in scrub typhus infection

Lung India

Animesh Ray, Vivek Nangia, RS Chatterji, and Navin Dalal

2016 We describe a middle aged previoulsy healthy female patient who presented with clinical features suggestive of acute heart failure. Investigations revealed very high NT pro-BNP, right heart enlargement, bilateral pulmonary alveolar edema and bilateral pleural effusion. In view of falling platelet counts and exudative pleural effusion inflammatory/infective causes were considered.

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Polymyxin-B hemoperfusion in septic patients: analysis of a multicenter registry

Ann Intensive Care

Cutuli SL, Artigas A, Fumagalli R, Monti G, Ranieri VM, Ronco C, Antonelli M; EUPHAS 2 Collaborative Group

2016 In 2010, the EUPHAS 2 collaborative group created a registry with the purpose of recording data from critically ill patients suffering from severe sepsis and septic shock treated with polymyxin-B hemoperfusion (PMX-HP) for endotoxin removal. The aim of the registry was to verify the application of PMX-HP in the daily clinical practice.

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"Chennai Declaration": 5-year plan to tackle the challenge of anti-microbial resistance

Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology

Chennai Declaration Team

2014 The Chennai Declaration is a document, prepared by representatives of various stakeholders and eminent experts in India, to tackle the challenge of anti-microbial resistance from an Indian perspective.

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